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West Side Story

West Side Story
Amstetten/Germany - 1994

Pia Douwes (Maria)

Picture: 3/10, Sound: 6-7/10,  Including some interviews and parts from the rehearsals

West side story
The Netherlands - 1996/1998

Maaike Widdershoven, Addo Kruizinga

Pro Shot

West side story - Directorstape
Milan/Italy - July 2000

David Miller, Montserrat Marti, Jim Ambler, Juan Betancur, Christine Marie Norrup, Neil Hemphill

Full Stage Proshot

West Side Story
Tecklenburg/Germany - August 14, 2008

Tony: Lucius Wolter, Maria: Leah Delos Santos, Riff: Lars Kemter, Anybody: Jana Stelley, Martin Kiuntke, Tom Schimon, Stephan Luethy, Hakan T. Aslan , Jörn Ortmann , Harald Tauber, Philipp Georgopoulos, Anke Merz, Cristian Lucas, Nils Haberstroh, Juliane Bischoff, Silja Schenk, Marthe Römer, Sophie Blümel,  Jessica Krüger,  Esther Lach, Christine Fitz, Bernardo: Gianni Meurer, Anita: Sigrid Brandstetter, Silvano Marraffa Daniel Ruiz, Kevin Foster, Julian Sylva, Marius Hatt,  Andrew Hill, Jan Altenbockum, Raphaela Groß-Fengels, Angela Hunkeler, Michelle Escaño, Janina Keppel , Rachel Colley, Rebecca Stahlhut , Laura Fernandez

Full show, multicamera pro-shot

West Side Story
Washington/America - December 19, 2008

Matt Cavenaugh, Josefina Scaglione, Karen Olivo, Cody Green, Geroge Akram, Curtis Holbrook, Joey Haro

Also includes 13 minutes (opening) from the 12/20/08 performance

West Side Story
Broadway/America - February 23, 2009

Matt Cavenaugh, Josefina Scaglione, Karen Olivo, Cody Green, Geroge Akram, Curtis Holbrook, Joey Haro 

Not very much close-ups

West Side Story
Broadway/America - May 16, 2009

Matthew Hydzik (u/s Tony), Josefina Scaglione, Curtis Holbrook, Karen Olivo, Kyle Brenn (alternate Kiddo), Christian Elan Ortiz (u/s Indio), Angelina Mullins (u/s Velma), Shayna Harris (u/s Zaza), Michaeljon Slinger (u/s Sharkboy)

West Side Story
UK Tour/England - May 23, 2009

Daniel Koek, Sofia Escobar, Jayde Westaby, Dan Burton, Edd Post (u/s), Martin Chamberain, Ged Simmons. Aki Omoshaybi.

Filmed from the stalls with some slight head obstruction on the right; some beautiful close-ups throughout with clear picture although it is a little shaky; video includes two musical numbers from another performance with Hazel Gardener as Maria.

West Side Story
US Tour (Costa Mesa, CA)/America -  September 7, 2011

Kyle Harris, Ali Ewoldt, Michelle Aravena, Joseph J Simeone, Drew Foster, Alexandra Frohlinger, German Santiago, John O'Creagh, Mike Boland, Ryan Christopher 

No Blackouts, the sound is a little muffled, great close-ups.

West Side Story - Hollywood Bowl
LA/America - July 19, 2016

Tony: Jeremy Jordan, Maria: Solea Pfeiffer, Anita: Karen Olivo, Riff: Matthew James Thomas, Bernardo: George Akram, Action: Drew Foster, Shrank/Doc/Krupke: Kevin Chamberlin, Baby John: Kyle Selig, A-rab: Anthony Chatmon II, Big Deal: Mike Schwitter, Rosalia: Jennifer Sanchez, Francisca: Brit West, Consuela: Erica Dorfler, Diesel: Jeff Smith, Chino: Jose Moreno Brooks, A Girl: Julia Bullock, Conducted by: Gustavo Dudamel

Abridged with shortened scenes, simple costumes, and no sets or choreography, but Jeremy, Solea, and Karen are absolutely phenomenal with soaring vocals and emotional performances.  Looks like its zoomed in too much and therefore blurry but no dropouts, no obstruction, and no washout. The stage is filmed directly most of the time; the screens are occasionally filmed, usually when the actors are not onstage.