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We will rock you

We will rock you - World premiere
West End (Dominion Theatre)/England - May 14, 2002

Original cast

B. Heads in the way, dark capture. Problems with sound and image (not similar). Seeking new capture/links

We will rock you
West End (Dominion theatre)/England - March 11, 2003

Tony Vincent (Galileo), Hannah Jane Fox (Scaramouche), Sharon D. Clarke (Killer Queen), Nigel Planer (Pop), Alexander Hanson (Khashoggi), Kerry Ellis (Meat), Nigel Clauzel (Brit), Luke Baxter (Big Macca)

ProShot, timeteller constantly there

We will rock you - Pro Shot 
Cologne/Germany - August 13 or 18, 2005

Alex Melcher (Galileo), Vera Bolten (Scaramouche), Brigitte Oelke (Killer Queen), James Sbano (Bap), Martin Berger (Khashoggi), Michaela Kovarikova (Ozzy), David-Michael Johnson (J.B.), Harald Tauber (Dieter)

It's a multicam proshot Don’t know wich date is correct. Willemijn Verkaik, Susan Seegers and Anouck Maas are in the ensable, but already you can recognise from first scene

We will rock you - Non Proshot
Köln/Germany - 2005

Galileo-Serkan Kaya, Scaramouche-Vera Bolten , Khashoggi-Martin Berger, BAP-James Sbano, Killer Queen-Brigitte Oelke, Ozzy-Carina Sandhaus, J.B.-DMJ, Teacher-Nicole Rößler, Dieter-Harald Tauber

Willemijn Verkaik in the ensamble, very shaky capture, obstructions and not complete.

We will rock you - Bandnight - Limited trade
Cologne/Germany - October 13 (12), 2005

Alex Melcher, Serkan Kaya, Martin Berger, DMJ, Willemijn Verkaik, Harald Tauber

The second part of the video is slightly out of sync. Date possibly October 12.

We Will Rock You - Highlights
Vienna/Austria - March 08, 2008 - Matinee

Susan Rigvava-Dumas (Killer Queen), Serkan Kaya (Galileo), Jessica Kessler (Scaramouche), Sascha Krebs (Khashoggi), Silke Braas (Ozzy), Darryl Smith (Brit)

We Will Rock You - Highlights
Vienna/Austria - March 16, 2008

Jessica Kessler (Scaramouche), Serkan Kaya (Galileo), Martin Berger (Khashoggi), Daryll Smith

We will rock you
Utrecht (Beatrix theater)/The Netherlands - October 2011

John Vooijs, Pia Douwes, Marjolein Teepen, Ruud van Overdijk, Floortje Smit, Paul Donkers, Rutger le Poole

Good capture. Heads in the way, but also a lot of good close-ups. Dubble DVD!

We will rock you - Limited trade
Utrecht (Beatrix theater)/The Netherlands - October 10, 2011

Galileo - John Vooijs; Killer Queen - Pia Douwes; Scaramouche - Marjolein Teepen; Brit - Ruud van Overdijk (u/s); Ozzy - Floortje Smit; Kashoggi - Paul Donkers; DJ - Rutger le Poole 

Different capture than the one above. Less heads in the way, but less zoom as well. When zoomed in, good shots. 1 DVD

We will rock you - Derniere
Berlin/Germany - October 21, 2011

Jessica Kessler (Scaramouche), Mark Seibert (Galileo), Brigitte Oelke (Killerqueen), Silke Braas (Ozzy), DMJ (Brit), Reinwald Kranner (Kashoggi), Leon van Leeuwenberg (Bap)

Good HD capture, lovely close ups, good atmosphere

We Will Rock You
Essen/Germany - April 21, 2013

Stuart Sumner (Galileo), Jeannine Michele Wacker (Scaramouche), Goele De Raedt (Killer Queen), Martin Berger (Kashoggi), Markus Neugebauer (Brit), Anna Lidman (Ozzy), Léon van Leeuwenberg (Bap), Leoni Kristin Oeffinger (Teacher)

We Will Rock You
Essen/Germany - May 4, 2013

Stuart Sumner (Galileo), Jessica Kessler (Scaramouche), Goele De Raedt (Killer Queen), Martin Berger (Kashoggi), Markus Neugebauer (Brit), Anna Lidman (Ozzy), Léon van Leeuwenberg (Bap), Isabel Trinkaus (Teacher)


We will rock you
UK Tour (Arena Zagreb)/Croatia  - May 10, 2013

MiG Ayesa (Galileo), Lauren Samuels (Scaramouche), Jenna Lee-James (Killer Queen), Sean Kingsley (Khashoggi), Rob Castell (Pop), Rolan Bell (Britney), Lucie Jones (Meat), Dean Read (Rebel Leader)

Spectacular recording of this great show, the audience enjoyed the show a lot.

We Will Rock You
Chicago (US Tour)/America - October 27, 2013

Brian Justin Crumm, Ruby Lewis, Jacqueline B. Arnold, PJ Griffith, Erica Peck, Jared Zirilli, Ryan Knowles. 

Excellent HD capture with no obstructions from the First National Tour in the US. The cast does a wonderful job and such powerful singers! Brian has a huge voice and really handles the score! A

We will rock you
Köln/Germany - August 9, 2015

BAP - Leon van Leeuwenberg, Galileo - Stuart Sumner, Killerqueen - Goele de Raedt, Kashoggi - Robert Mayer, Scaramouche - Jeannine Wacker, Ozzy - Linda Holmgren, Brit - Sascha Krebs, Dieter - Fabio Diso, Teacher/Nina - Isabel Trinkau, Mick - Tom Nihil, Madonna - Alexander Bartels , Bob - Nicky Milford, Brings - Nathanie Scott, Axl - Anton Fosh, David - Sam Linscott, Miley - Emily Tzivaridou, Shakira - Vicki Douglas, Deacon - Sammy Harris-Hughes, TQ/Nena - Leoni Kristin Oeffinger, TQ/Tic - Marjolein Teepe, TQ/Tac - Andrea del Solar, TQ/Thomas D. - Joana Henrique, TQ/Tina - Abbi Kennedy, Bandleader - Jeff Frohner