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Broadway/America - July 30, 2006

Josh Strickland, Jenn Gambatese, Merle Dandridge, Horace V. Rogers (u/s), Chester Gregory II, Tim Jerome, Donne Keshawarz, Daniel Manche

Nice filming, not as dark and with changes since previews; good picture and sound throughout and nice close-ups. Some heads in the way and spotlight washout when not zoomed in.

Tarzan - Directorstape
Scheveningen (Circus Theater)/TheNetherlands - July 23, 2007

Ron Link, Chantal Janzen, Chaira Borderslee, Jeroen Phaff

No zoom due to directorstape, but soundboard Sound, also some footage from after the show (cleaning etc)

Scheveningen (Circus Theater)/The Netherlands - March 29, 2009

John Vooijs (Tarzan), Irene Borst (Jane), Joanne Telesford (Kala), Hans Peter Janssens (Korchak, Clayton Peroti (Tark), Jary Beekhuizen (kleine Tarzan)

Very good, beautifull zoom. No heads at all. From right balcony, Complete show, B cast, but good quality. Better quality than the directorstape with the A cast.

Scheveningen (Circus theater)/The Netherlands - 2007/2009

Ron Link, Brigitte Heitzer, Chantal Janzen, Bente van den Brand, John Vooijs

Not a good recording, amateur recording. Almost all parts from the musical and also a part off Brigitte Heitzer last show. Irritating long menu's between the different parts (31 pieces)

Scheveningen/The Netherlands - 2007/2009

Bente van den Brand, Ron Link, Jeroen Phaff, Joanne Telesford and Clayton Peroti

Probably recorded with a mobile phone. Recorded for first row, therefor no view from the back of the stage.Audio is overwhelmed a lot, good focus and closeups are rare

Hamburg/Germany - February 7, 2010 - Matinee

Simon Thomas (Tarzan), Isabel Trinkaus* (u/s Jane), Peti van der Velde (Kala), Kevin Kraus (Kerchak), Arcangelo Vigneri* (u/s Terk), Ingolf Unterrainer* (u/s Porter), Mathias Sanders* (u/s Clayton), Leo Ilic (junger Tarzan); Tim Edwards, Armin Kahl, Christina Lagao, Mark van Beelen* (Gesangssolisten); Gregory Antemes, Ádamo Dias*, Nancy Gonzalez*, Gianluca Passeri, Freya Rowley*, Aisha Ruof*, Romeo Salazar*, Darlan Santos de Jesus, Nadja Scheiwiller*

Simon Thomas (temporarily filling in for Anton Zetterholm) does a great job as Tarzan and Isabel Trinkaus is adorable as Jane. Filmed from the extremely well-raked stalls, meaning that there's practically no head obstruction - only some in extreme stage right/house left. There are, however, around half a dozen short blackouts during the scenes when the monkeys enter from the side. The video is slightly dark

Hamburg/Germany - July 18, 2010

David Boyd (Tarzan), Isabel Trinkhaus (Jane), Melanie Ortner (Kala), Mathias Sanders (Kerchak), Arcangelo Vigneri (Terk)

Tarzan - Derniere for Elisabeth Hubert
Hamburg/Germany - November 30, 2011

Alexander Klaws (Tarzan), Elisabeth Hübert (Jane), Melanie Ortner (Kala), Ingolf Unterrainer (Kerchak), Rommel Singson (Terk), Jeff Shankley (Porter), Rudi Reschke (Cayton), Timo Glinka (young Tarzan)

Hamburg/Germany - February 25, 2012

John Vooijs (Tarzan), Ina Trabesinger (Jane), Melanie Ortner (Kala),Ethan Freeman(Kerchak), Vinicius Gomes de Almerida (Terk), Jeff Shankley (Porter), Peter Stassen (Clayton), Julius Störmer (young Tarzan)

Hamburg/Germany - May 11, 2012

Alexander Klaws (Tarzan), Nadja Scheiwiller (Jane), Melanie Ortner (Kala), Peter Stassen (Kerchak), Rommel Singson (Terk), Jeff Shankley (Porter), Rudi Resche (Clayton), Leif Lunburg (young Tarzan)

Germany - June 17, 2012

Alexander Klaws (Tarzan), Ina Trabesinger (Jane), Janneke Ivankova van Duijnhoven (Kala), Ethan Freeman (Kerchak), Rommel Singson (Terk), Jeff Shankley (Porter), Mathias Sanders (Clayton), Mark Rabinovich (Junger Tarzan)

Hamburg/Germany - November 24, 2012

Rune Hock Möller (Tarzan), Willemijn de Vries (Jane), Melanie Ortner (Kala), Ethan Freeman (Kerchak), Emanuele Caserta (Terk), Jeff Shankley (Porter), Rudi Reschke (Clayton), Bennett Siegling (YoungTarzan)

Tarzan - Joel's last
Hamburg/Germany - February 27, 2013

David Boyd (Tarzan), Karen Selig (Jane), Melanie Ortner (Kala), Ethan Freeman (Kerchak), Emanuele Caserta (Terk), Jeff Shankley (Porter), Rudi Reschke (Clayton), Joel Lorenz (Young Tarzan)

Hamburg/Germany - September 22, 2013

Gian Marco Schiaretti (Tarzan), Merle Hoch (Jane), Melanie Ortner (Kala), Andreas Lichtenberger (Kerchak), Emanuele Caserta (Terk), Peter Stassen (Porter), Lucius Wolter (Clayton), Otto van de Loo (Young Tarzan)

Stuttgart/Germany - July 5, 2014

Rune Hock Moller (Tarzan), Merle Hoch (Jane), Joana Fee Würz (Kala), Jan Ammann (Kerchak), Arcangelo Vigneri (Terk), Gerd Achilles (Porter), Léon Roeven (Clayton), Fynn Claus (junger Tarzan) 

Filmed from the front row, but the camera often does not capture the action!

Tarzan - Premiere Willemijn
Stuttgart/Germany - August 21, 2015

Gian Marco Schiaretti (Tarzan), Merle Hoch (Jane), Jan Ammann (Kerchak), Willemijn Verkaik (Kala), Massimiliano Pironti (Terk), Matthis Lernhardt (Little Tarzan), Léon Roeven (Clayton), Maik Lohse (Porter), Carmen Danen, Laura Robinson, Johanna Zett, Joe Nolan, Isis P. Barbosa dos Santos, Sabrina Sepe, Georgia Briggs, Anatoliy Ivankov, James Mackie, Alexsandr Kochkin, Gianluca Briganti, Cheyne Whichello, Chukwu Asante I, Clayton Sia

Full show. There are a few black-outs in both acts due the "monkeys" were jumping in front of my seat and some really light hall because of the spotlight following Tarzan and the monkeys. Many full stage shots during dances but also quite a lot beautiful close-ups. Despite the little obstruction you can still follow up the show quite good.  In VOB an HD

Tarzan - MP4 - NFT
Stuttgart/Germany - October 3, 2015 

Tarzan: John Vooijs, Jane: Merle Hoch, Kala: Willemijn Verkaik, Kerchak: Jan Ammann, Terk: Alessio Impedovo, Porter: Maik Lohse, Clayton: Léon Roeven, Junger Tarzan: Miguel Strasser

Recorded from center first row. Bit grainy but love it

Oberhausen/Germany - November 21, 2017

Anton Zetterholm (Tarzan), Tessa Sunniva van Tol (Jane), Isabel Trinkaus (Kala), Matt Farci (Terk), Andreas Lichtenberger (Kerchak), Simeon Pauls (kleiner Tarzan), Japheth Myers (Porter), Rudi Reschke (Clayton)