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Sunset Boulevard

Sunset Boulevard
Broadway/America - July 14, 1995

Betty Buckley, Alan Campbell, Alice Ripley, Steven Stein-Grainger as (u/s) Max.

Sunset Boulevard
Broadway/America - March 3, 1997

Elaine Page, Alan Campbell, Larry Small, Alice Ripley 

Complete show + extra’s: Faces of Elaine Page. Quality is good, though its dated.

Sunset Boulevard - NFT
The Netherlands - 2009

Pia Douwes, Antonie Kamerling, Maike Boerdam

Professional recording

Sunset Boulevard - Highlights
The Netherlands - April 15, 2009

Pia Douwes, Antonie Kamerling, Maike Boerdam. 

Highlights. Quality: B

Sunset Boulevard - Avant Derniere - NFT - MOV
Amsterdam (Theater Carre)/The Netherlands - July 4, 2009

Simone Kleinsma, Antonie Kamerling, Maike Boerdam, John ter Riet, Dieter Spilleers

Realy bad quality, but last from Simone

Sunset Boulevard
Wichita/America - July 9, 2010

Ann Morrison, Chris Peluso, Nicholas Saverine, Kaleigh Cronin, Charles Parker, Cody Davis, Timothy W. Robu.

Pro-shot. The only negative thing about this is that it sometimes skips a few seconds. Minimal in act 1, but get's worse in act 2. Dont like the vocal quality from Norma

Sunset Boulevard
Luneburg/Germany - December 29, 2013

Masha Karell (Norma), Kristian Lucas (Joe), Luisa Rhöse (Betty), Ulrich Kratz (Max), Volker Tancke (Cecil), MacKenzie Gallinger (Artie), Steffen Neutze (Sheldrake), Oliver Hennes (Mr. Manfred), Wlodzimierz Wrobel (Hogeye), Elke Tauber, Kirsten Patt, Dobrinka Kojnova-Biermann, Astrid Gerken, Stefanie Becker, Brigitte Hauck, Bianca Stüben

Steady blocking from left side of stage, otherwise stunning HD capture

Sunset Boulevard - NFT
Tecklenburg/Germany - 2014

Maya Hakvoort (Norma Desmond), Julian Looman (Joe Gillis), Reinhard Brussmann (Max von Mayerling), Elisabeth Huebert (Betty Schaefer), Thomas Hohler (Artie Green), Erwin Bruhn (Cecil B. DeMille),  ophie Bluemel (Salome), Yael de Vries, Esther Mink, Daniela Roemer, Silja Schenk, Marthe Roemer (Reporterin), Juliane Bischoff (Astrologin), Giulia Sophia Young, Cihan Demir, Marco Herse Foti, Andrew Hill, Florian Theiler, Jan Altenbockum, Timothy Roller, Mathias Meffert, Daniel Meßmann, Alexander Bellinckx (Sheldrake u.a.), Sebastian Smulders, Sebstian Brandmeir (Chef des Bekleidungshauses), Benjamin Witthoff, Juergen Brehm

Multicam pro shot from the summer season of 2014 in Tecklenburg

Sunset Boulevard - PiP
New Jersey/America - June 2014

Billy Piscopo, Julie Waldman-Stiel, Scott Danierls, Emma McGahan, Kirk Geritano, Bob Nutter

Sunset Boulevard
Marl/Germany - November 13, 2014

Cornelia Drese (Norma Desmond), Oliver Arno (Joe Gillis), Julia Lißen (Betty Schaefer), Hardy Rudolz (Max von Mayerling), Reinhard Brussmann (Cecil B. DeMille), Manuel Mairhofer (Artie Green), Claus Dam, Christian Stadlhofer, Anna Preckeler, Arne David, Marco Herse Foti, Mandy-Marie Mahrenholz, Alice Susan Hanimyan, Nadja Weise, Ulrike Figgener, Antonia Welke, Adrian Hochstrasser, Johannes Kiesler, Andreas Gräbe

Sunset Boulevard
Bielefeld/Germany - May 23, 2015

Brigitte Oelke (Norma Desmond), Veit Schäfermeier (Joe Gillis), Tom Zahner (Max von Mayerling), Ulrike Figgener (Betty Schaefer), Jonas Hein (Artie Green), Benjamin Armbruster (Artie Green), Bernard Niemeyer (Sheldrake/Ensemble), Fabian Kaiser, Carlos H. Rivas, Michaela Duhme, Natascha C. Hill, Evelina Quilichini, Ramon Riemarzik, Lutz Laible, Lado Riemarzik

Missing the first 10 minutes of act two, starts in the middle of "As If We Never Said Goodbye"

Sunset Boulevard
Dortmund/Germany - 2016

Pia Douwes (Norma Desmond), Oliver Arno (Joe Gillis), Wietske van Tongeren (Betty Schaefer), Hannes Brock

Quality: A

Sunset Boulevard - First Preview
Broadway/America - February 2, 2017 

Glenn Close, Michael Xavier, Siobhan Dillon, Fred Johanson, Preston Truman Boyd, Paul Schoeffler. 

Stunning and perfect HD capture of the First Preview performance. Glenn is astonishing in her return to the role of Norma. She received a standing ovation after her thrilling performance of With One Look! A performance and production not to be missed! A+

Sunset Boulevard
Broadway/America - February 3, 2017

Glenn Close, Michael Xavier, Siobhan Dillon, Fred Johanson, Preston Truman Boyd, Paul Schoeffler.

Beautiful HD capture from the Orchestra of the Second Preview performance. Glenn again knocks her performance out of the park! Some subtle changes and delivery from the first performance. Terrific audience response and energy from the cast throughout the show! A

Sunset Boulevard
Broadway/America - February 4, 2017

Glenn Close, Michael Xavier, Siobhan Dillon, Fred Johanson, Preston Truman Boyd, Paul Schoeffler.

Excellent HD capture from the Mezzanine of the Third Preview performance. Great to have a different perspecitve and angle of the show. Outstanding performances and some subtle delivery changes from the previous two performances. A-

Sunset Boulevard
Broadway/America - February 24, 2017

Glenn Close, Siobhan Dillon, Fred Johanson, Michael Xavier, Nancy Anderson, Mackenzie Bell, Preston Truman Bod, Barry Busby, Britney Coleman, Julian R. Decker, Anissa Felix, Drew Foster, David Hess, Brittney Johnson, Katie Lander, Stephanie Martignetti, Lauralyn McClelland, T. Oliver Reid, Lance Roberts, Stephanie Rothenberg, Graham Rowat, Paul Schoeffler, Andy Taylor, Sean Thompson, matt Wall, Jim Walton

A 'milky' glace instead of a clear and bright video, but overall a good capture

Sunset Boulevard - Final - act one and 7 min from act two
Broadway/America - June 25, 2017

Glenn Close, Michael Xavier, Siobhan Dillon, Fred Johanson, Preston Truman Boyd, Paul Schoeffler.

A nice HD capture of the Final Broadway Performance. This contains all of Act One and only the first seven minutes of Act Two, which cuts off shortly after the title song and poolside scene. The opening number is blocked on the right side of stage, not really an issue after that. A-

Sunset Boulevard
Bad Vilbel/Germany - August 2017

April Hailer (Norma), Robert D. Marx (Joe), Andrea M. Pagani (Max), Janne Marie Peters (Betty), Kai Möller (DeMille), Stefan Reil (Artie), Matthias Graf (Sheldrake)

Sunset Boulevard - UK Tour
Amsterdam/The Netherlands - April 2018

Ria Jones (Norma Desmond), Danny Mac (Joe Gillis), Adam Pearce (Max von Mayerling), Molly Lynch (Betty Schaefer), Dougie Carter (Artie Green), Carl Sanderson (Cecil B. DeMille), Bernadette Bangura (Jean), Benjamin Chambers (Jonesy), Kristoffer Hellström (Sheldrake), Simon Loughton (Manfred), James Meunier (Myron), Gemma Naylor (Marilyn), Fiona O'Carroll (Joanna), Joanna O'Hare (Mary), Jessica Paul (Dawn), Sam Peggs (Hog Eye), Tom Vincent (Cliff), Barney Wilkinson (Adam), Matthew Barrow (Swing), Joanna Goodwin (Swing).

Beautiful capture with some little spotlight washout. Missing the first minutes of the intro of act two and the curtain call. Otherwise complete and steady filming.