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Sister Act

Sister Act
West End/England - 2009

Patina Miller (Deloris), Sheila Hancock (Mother Superior), Claire Greenway (Mary Patrick), Allison Harding (u/s Mary Lazarus), Katie Rowley Jones (Mary Robert), Ako Mitchell (Eddie), Julian Cannonier (u/s Shank), Nicolas Colicos (Bones), Thomas Goodridge (TJ), Ivan De Freitas (Deniro), Ian Lavender ( Monsignor Howard)  

Sister Act
Hamburg/Germany - February 25, 2011

Deloris van Cartier - Zodwa Selele, Mutter Oberin - Barbara Krabbe ( Cover ), Curtis Shank - Cush Jung, Eddie Fritzinger - Thada Suanduanchi (u/s ), Schwester Mary Robert - Ina Trabesinger, Schwester Mary Larzarus - Sonya Martin, Schwester Mary Patrick - Martine de Jager, Bones - Tetje Mierendorf, TJ - Dave Mandell, Dinero - Pedro Reichert, Monsignore Howard - Uwe Dreves, Kay - T- Rachel Colley ( u/ s)

Sister Act
Broadway/America - April 2, 2011

Patina Miller, Victoria Clark, Fred Applegate, Sarah Bolt, John Treacy, Egan, Demond Green, Chester Gregory, Marla Mindelle, Kingsley Leggs

Sister Act
Vienna/Austria - 2012

Doloris- Ana Milva Gomez, Schwester Marie Roberts- Barbara Obermeier, Curtis Jackson- Drew Sarich

C Quality = Bad

Sister act
Broadway/America - January 31, 2012

Patina Miller, Carolee Carmello, Fred Applegate, Sarah Bolt, John Treacy Egan, Demond Green, Chester Gregory, Kingsley Leggs, Marla Mindelle, Audrie Neenan, Caesar Samayoa, Rashidra Scott, Alena Watters, Chris Bohannon, Danny Stiles, Alan H. Green, Trisha Rapier, Madeleine Doherty, Holly Davis 

A+, full show, bootleg , Microfone is overwhelmed by sound in the theater

Sister Act
Hamburg/Germany - March 25, 2012

Patricia Meeden (alt. Deloris), Sonja Herrmann (Mutter Oberin), Cusch Jung (Curtis), Mathieu Boldron (Eddo Fritzinger), Lisa Habermann (Schwester Mary Robert), Alex Avenell (Schwester Mary Patrick), Sonya Martrin (Schwester Mary Lazarus), Detlef Leistenschneider (Bones), Dave Mandell (TJ), Pedro Reichert (Dinero)

Sister Act - Highlights
Scheveningen (Circus Theater)/The Netherlands - June 22, 2013

Carolina Dijkhuizen (Deloris), Marjolijn Touw (Alt. Mother Superior), Stanely Burleson (Curtis), Jerrel Houtsee (u/s Harry), Christanne de bruijn (Maria Roberta), Frans Mulder (Monseigneur O'Hara), Irene Kuiper (Maria Lazerus), Esmee van Kampen (Maria Patricia), Christian Tanamal (u/s TJ), Zjon Smaal (Joey), Frank van Hengel (Pablo)

"Fabulous, Baby!", The shooting Scene, Deloris arrives at the Church, most of "Here Within These Walls", Scene before- and part of "It's Good To Be A Nun", Deloris with the choir, "Raise Your Voice" (incomplete), "Take Me To Heaven (Reprise)", (act 2:) The confession booth, entire "Sunday Morning Fever" scene and song, "Lady In The Long Black Dress", part of "Haven't Got A Prayer", scene and song of "The Life I Never Led", "Sister Act", "The Life I Never Led (Reprise)", "Sister Act (reprise)" and minor part of "Spread The Love Around" cause my disc was full. Some scenes have spotlight washout. Also, first act is rather shaky, second act is better. About 60 minutes

Sister Act  - MP4
Scheveningen (Circus Theater)/The Netherlands - January 24, 2014

Nurlaila Karim (Alt. Deloris), Marloes v/d Heuvel (u/s Mother Superior), Stanely Burleson (Curtis), Robin v/d Akker (u/s Harry), Christanne de bruijn (Maria Roberta), Frans Mulder (Monseigneur O'Hara)

Spotlight washout, audio muffled in the first act, Not Good

Sister Act -  MP4
Scheveningen (Circus Theater)/The Netherlands - February 2, 2014

Carolina Dijkhuizen (Deloris), Simone Kleinsma (Moeder Overste), Stanley Burleson (Curtis), Edwin Jonker (Harry), Paul Donkers (Monseigneur O'Hara), Christanne de Bruijn (Maria Roberta), Irene Kuijper (Maria Lazarus), Esmee van Kampen (Maria Patricia), Zjon Smaal (Joey).

Not good quality, not much zoom,

Sister Act - MP4
Scheveningen (Circus Theater)/The Netherlands - March 9, 2014

Nurlaila Karim (Deloris), Simone Kleinsma (Moeder Overste).

Not good quality, Not much zoom.  Almost full show.

Sister Act - MP4
Scheveningen (Circus Theater)/The Netherlands - July 13, 2014

Nurlaila Karin, Marjolein Touw ea

Very shaky quality, zoomed in at wrong places and obstruction. But still i think the best of the full shows!