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Rocky - Cast presentation
Hamburg/Germany - 2012

Drew Sarich, Wietske van Tongeren, Wietske van Tongeren, Patrick Imhof, Uwe Dreves, Terence Archie, Alex
Avenell,Silke Braas,Stefan Leonard, Vladimir Hub

Proshot, Cast Presentation

Hamburg/Germany - December 16, 2012

Drew Sarich (Rocky), Wietske van Tongeren (Adrian), Terence Archie (Apollo Creed), Alex Avenell (Gloria), Patrick Imhoff (Paulie), Uwe Dreves (Mickey), Robin Brosch (Gazzo/ Jimmy Michaels), Frank Logemann (Jergens/ Tommy Crosetti), Christopher Hemmans (Apollo Manager/ Streetsinger), Mickey Peterson (Buddy/ Doktor), Stefan Leonard (Watchman/ Mike/ Bob Dunphy), Joachim Kaiser (Wisotzky/ Announcer)

Picture: 7-8/10, Sound: 8/10

Hamburg/Germany - December 22, 2012

Dominik Schulz (alt. Rocky), Silke Braas (alt. Adrian), Terence Archie (Apollo Creed), Alex Avenell (Gloria), Patrick Imhof (Paulie), Uwe Dreves (Mickey), Robin Brosch (Gazzol/Jimmy Michaels), Frank Logemann (Jergens/Tommy Crosetti), Christopher Hayes Hemmans (Apollos Manager), Mickey Petersson (Buddy/Doktor), Stefan Leonard (Wachmann /Mike/Bob Dunphy), Jogi Kaiser (Wisotzky/Announcer), Dave Mandell (alt. Red Brady), Darryll Smith (Dipper/Apollo Cornernan), Sasha di Capri (Boxer), Vladimir Hub (Boxer), Joana Fee Würz (Angie), Juliane Dreyer (Joanne), Denise Obedekah (Linda McKenna)

Again lovely capture, follows action, good zoom, not HD, but still good quality

Hamburg/Germany - January 23, 2013

Rocky - Domink Schulz,  Adrian -  Joana Fee Würz   Apollo - Terence Archie, Gloria -  Juliane Dreyer , Paulie - Patrick Imhof, Micky - Jogi Kaiser, Angie - Franziska Lessing, Joanne -  Silke Braas

Hamburg/Germany - February 17, 2013

Drew Sarich, Silke Braas, Terence Archie, Alex Avenell, Patrick Imhof, Uwe Drewes, Franziska Lessing, Juliane Dreyer

Good HD capture

Hamburg, Germany - May 29, 2013

Dominic Schulz (Rocky), Wietske van Tongeren (Adrian)

More information needed

Rocky - Limited trade
Hamburg/Germany - June 22, 2013

David Arnsperger - Rocky, Silke Braas - Adrian, Orion OJ Lynch - Apollo, Alex Avenell - Gloria, Patrick Imhof - Paulie, Uwe Dreves - Micky, Franziska Lessing - Angie, Juliane Dreyer - Joanne.

Broadway/America - March 29, 2014

Andy Karl, Margo Seibert, Terence Archie, Dakin Matthews, Danny Mastrogiorgio, Jennifer Mudge

Hamburg/Germany - June 3, 2014

Drew Sarich (Rocky), Wietske van Tongeren (Adrian), Gino Emnes (Apollo), Alex Avenell (Gloria), Detlef Leistenschneider (Paulie), Franziska Lessing (Angie), Juliane Dreyer (Joanne), Melissa Nettleford (Linda McKenna), Kisha Howard (Apollo Girl), Katrin Taylor (Apollo Girl), Wolfgang Häntsch (Mickey), Sasha Di Capri (Gazzo), Frank Logemann (Jergens), Ch. H. Hemmans (Apollos Manager), Marco Heinrich (Buddy/Doktor), Stefan Leonard (Wachmann/Mike), Jogi Kaiser (Wisotzky), Tobias Weis (Red Brady), Darryll Smith (Dipper), Adams Floyd, Fransisco del Solar, Dave Mandell, Nikolas Heiber, Orion OJ Lynch

Hamburg/Germany - June 10, 2014

Nikolas Heiber (Rocky), Katrin Taylor (Adrian), Gino Emnes (Apollo), Alex Avenell (Gloria), Alex Brugnara (Paulie), Wolfgang Häntsch (Michky), Robin Brosch (Gazzo), Michael Clauder (Jergens), Chr. H. Hemmans (Apollo Manager), Marco Heinrich (Buddy/Doktor), Stefan Leonard (Wachmann/Mike), Dave Mandell (Wisotzky), Darryl Smith (Dipper), Sasha Di Capri (Boxer/Ringrichter), Franziska Lessing (Angie), Juliane Dreyer (Joanne), Linda McKenna (Denise Obdekah) 

Rocky - Evening
Broadway/America - August 16, 2014

Andy Karl, Margo Seibert, Terence Archie, Dakin Matthews, Danny Mastrogiorgio, Vince Oddo, Jennifer Mudge, Michelle Aravena, Kristin Piro, Jenny Lee Stern, Wallace Smith 

Second to last performance before the show closed on Broadway; very nice capture overall; first two and half minutes of act one are blacked out, as is about three minutes during Undefeated Man and The Fight, but the rest is complete; no obstruction except during The Fight when everyone leans forward; the heads are worked around fairly well; filmed in 16:9, with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups; good clear picture and sound. 2 DVDs.  A-

Rocky - Avi
Stuttgart, Germany - February 11, 2016

Rocky Balboa (Nikolas Heiber) Adrian (Lucy Scherer) Apollo Creed (Gino Emnes) Mickey (Norbert Lamla) Paulie(Oliver Morschel)  Gloria(Rosalie de Jong)

Avi, shot from the stalles without zoom. Only when Rocky enters the boxing arena, there is zoom