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US Tour (LA)/America - January 9, 1998

Neil Patrick Harris (Mark), Owen Johnston II (Roger), Julia Santana (Mimi), Mark Leroy Jackson (Collins), Andy Senor (Angel), Kenna J. Ramsey (Joanne), Carla Bianco (Maureen)

A lot of additional misc video including being at stage door and TV interviews. 

The Netherlands - 2001/2002

Jim de Groot, Casey Francisco, Nurlaila Karim, Edwin Jonker

Dark and blueish capture, not many closeups, but the copy is much better then this screenshot  (but like to have alle shots from the same point in the show)

Broadway/America - August 10, 2002

Joey Fatone, Manley Pope, Karmine Alers, Mark Richard Ford, Jai Rodriguez, Antonique Smith, Danielle Lee Greaves, Todd Pettiford

Hungary - 2003

Timoteus Perei, Istvan Csiszar, Kati Nagy, Lorand Nagy, Lenard Fellegi, Attila Serban, Aniko Nagy, Szuszanna Vago (debut) 


Timoteus Perei (Roger), Sandor Nagy (Mark), Gabriella Mezofi (Mimi), Aniko Nagy (Joanne), Reka Koos (Maureen), Attila Serban (Angel), Lenard Fellegi (Collins)

US Tour (Indianapolis)/America - October 19, 2003

Brian Gilgor (Mark), Constantine Maroulis (Roger), Jamie Lee Kirchner (Mimi), Marcus Paul James (Collins), Damien Deshaun Smith (Angel), Leslie Diamond (Maureen), Rebecca Naomi Jones (Joanne), Lesly Terrell Donald (Benny), Suzanne Slade (Mrs. Cohen), Jeanette Bayardelle (Mrs. Jefferson), Jahmal Adderley (Mr. Jefferson), Daniel Shevlin (Paul), Jeff Scot Carey (Gordon), Dan Domenech (Steve), Genny Lis Padilla (Alexi) 

Starts at Light My Candle and missing We're Okay

US Tour (Chicago)/America - April 9, 2006

Jed Resnick (Mark), Bryce Ryness (Roger), Nina Metrick (Mimi), Tracy McDowell (Maureen), Chante Carmel Frierson (Joanne), Warren Nolan (Collins), Ano Okera (Angel)

Rent - 10th Anniversary
Broadway (Nederlander Theatre)/America - April 26, 2006

Adam Pascal, Anthony Rapp, Jesse L. Martin, Taye Diggs, Idina Menzel, Freddie Walker, Daphne Reuben Vega, Wilson Jermaine Heredia

The 10th Anniversary concert with the original Broadway cast; Includes producer comments, Audience goes crazy

Broadway/America - October 5, 2007

Anthony Rapp (Mark), Adam Pascal (Roger), Tamyra Grey (Mimi), Troy Horne (Collins), Justin Johnston (Angel), Rodney Hicks (Benny), Nicolette Hart (Maureen), Tonya Dixon (Joanne)

Anthony & Adam first back

US Tour ( Milwaukee)/America - October 27, 2007

Heinz Winckler (Roger), Jed Resnick (Mark), Anwar Robinson (Collins), John Watson (Benny), Onyie Nwachukwu (Joanne), Kristen-Alexzander Griffith (Angel), Jennifer Colby Talton (Mimi), Christine Dwyer (Maureen), Stephanie Spano (Mrs. Cohen u/s), Natalie R. Perkins (Soloist), Devon Settles Jr. (Soloist), Corey Joseph Mach (Gordon), Dustin Brayley (Steve), Tim Ehrlich (Paul), Jade Hicks (Alexi)

Broadway/America  - August 9, 2008

Jay Wilkison (u/s), Adam Kantor, Justin Johnston, Eden Espinosa, Renee Elise Goldsberry, Rodney Hicks, Michael Mc Elroy, Tracie Thoms

Some beautiful close ups, but also A LOT of blocking

Broadway/America - October 24, 2008

Will Chase, Adam Kantor, Michael McElroy, Rodney Hicks, Tracie Thoms, Justin Johnston, Renée Elise Goldsberry, Eden Espinosa, Marcus Paul James, Gwen Stewart, Jay Wilkison, Shaun Earl, Andrea Goss, Telly Leung, Tracy McDowell 

Mutilcam proshot. Official dvd from the last show; sound is not correct with image.... looking for a good copy

US Tour (San Diego)/America - March 14, 2009

Adam Pascal (Roger),Anthony Rapp (Mark),Michael McElroy (Collins), Jacques C. Smith (Benny), Haneefah Wood (Joanne), Justin Johnston (Angel), Lexi Lawson (Mimi), Nicolette Hart (Maureen), Caren Tackett (Mark's Mom), John Watson (SOLoist #2), Trisha Jeffrey* (SOLoist #1 u/s), Adam Halpin (Gordon), Telly Leung (Steve), Andy Senor (Paul), Yuka Takara (Alexi)

Filmed in 16:9 widescreen, very little obstructions, a couple of brief blackouts, A

Rent - Hollywood Bowl
La/America - August 6, 2010

Skylar Astin, Aaron Tveit, Wayne Brady, Vanessa Hudgens, Nicole Scherzinger, Tracie Thoms, Telly Leung, Collins Pennie, Yasmin Allers, Eric B. Anthony, King Aswad, Susan Beaubian, David Burtka

Shot from pretty far away, but manages some good close-ups; quite a bit of spotlight washout. A must have for any Rent fan though! REALLY great production. 

Off Broadway (New World Stages)/America -  September 29, 2011 & October 2, 2011

Adam Chandler-Berat, Matt Shingledecker, Morgan Weed, Nicholas Christopher, Ephraim Sykes, Corbin Reid, Ben Thompson, MJ Rodriguez, Arianda Fernandez, Annaleigh Ashford, Marcus Paul James, Tamika Sonja Lawrence, Michael Wartella, Margot Bingham 

An amazing video of the Off-Broadway cast. September 29, 2011 (Act 1) & October 2, 2011 (Act 2).

Rent - NFT
Amsterdam (M-Lab), The Netherlands - October 10, 2015

Jim De Groot, Maarten Smeele, Ruud van Overdijk, Li-Tong Hsu, Mitch wolterink, Jeroen Robben, Amir Vahidi, Jeske van der Staak, Desi van Doeveren

No zoom, heads in the way, but gosh LOVED this version of Rent!

La Mirada (CA)/America - October 24, 2015 - Evening

Mark Whitten, Devin Archer, Cassie Simone,  Emily Goglia, John Devereaux, Lawrence Cummings, Amber Mercomes, Cooper Howell, Chassey Bennett, Daniel Dawson, Chanel Edwards-Frederick, Aaron Gordon, Craig Michael Lucas, Luke Monday, John Pinto, Jr, Alyssa M Simmons. 

A great regional production with a talented cast. Well captured overall just a couple quick dropouts. There is some slight occasional washout and a few small heads at the bottom of the screen, but they generally don’t affect the action. It’s filmed in 16:9, with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. The sound is excellent. Includes curtain call and playbill scans. A

Rent - 20th anniversary tour
US Tour (Bloomington, Indiana)/America - September 12, 2016

Kaleb Wells, Danny Harris Kornfeld, Aaron Harrington, Skyler Volpe, David Merino, Jasmine Easler, Katie Lamark, Christian Thompson. 

Great HD capture of the very first performance of the new 2016 Tour with great audience energy. This was a solid cast with some minor updates and changes here and there. A

Rent - MP4
Amsterdam (Delamar)/The Netherlands - October 20 & 22, 2016 

Rosa da Silva, Karel Simons, Ruud van Overdijk, Mitch Wolterink, Jeske van de Staak, Renée de Gruijl, Lars Mak, Ivo Chundro, Luc Steegers, Lisa Berendse.

The 1st act was filmed at october 22, and the  2nd act was filmed at october 20, because the camera didn’t filmed the first act at october 20st so I came back and filmed the 2nd act. Audio is terrible


Itzehoe/Germany - December 1, 2017

Benjamin Beckmann (Mark), Ruud van Overdijk (Roger), Denis Edelmann (Collins), Martin Markert (Benjamin Coffin III.), Denise Obdekah (Joanne), Manuel Dengler (Angel), Marina La Torraca (Mimi), Anna Hofbauer (Maureen), Ensemble: Michaela Khom, Gerrit Hericks, Vasilios Manis

Railing obstruction!