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Next to Normal

Next to Normal
Pre Broadway/America - March 1, 2008

Adam Chanler-Berat, Jennifer Damiano, Brian d'Arcy James, Alice Ripley, Asa Somers, Aaron Tveit

Good capture, good zoom, Good show 

Next to Normal
Crystal City (Pre Broadway)/America - December 21, 2008

Alice Ripley, J. Robert Spencer, Aaron Tveit, Jennifer Damiano, Louis Hobson, Adam Chanler-Berat

Excellent rare capture of the PreBroadw ay DC run. This is when the show finally found focus, took shape and fell into place. 

Next to Normal - Second Broadway Preview
Broadway/America - March 28, 2009

Alice Ripley (Diana), J. Robert Spencer (Dan), Adam Chanler-Berat (Henry), Jennifer Damiano (Natalie), Louis Hobson (Dr. Fine/Dr. Madden), Aaron Tveit (Gabe)

2nd preview, some obstructions & missing the last few minutes

Next to Normal
Broadway/America -  April 4, 2009

Alice Ripley (Diana), J. Robert Spencer (Dan), Jenn Damiano (Natalie), Aaron Tveit (Gabe), Adam Chanler-Berat (Henry), Louis Hobson (Dr. Fine/Dr. Madden)

Next to Normal
Broadway/America - April 10, 2009

Alice Ripley, J. Robert Spencer, Jennifer Damiano, Aaron Tveit, Adam Chanler-Berat, Louis Hobson. 

Beautiful capture of the full original cast, from the orchestra. This hands down is the best capture of the original cast. This was done early in Alice's run, before she had strained her voice. Wonderful to revisit this show in all its glory! A+ Wish I Were Here is Missing from Act 2.

Next to Normal 
Broadway/America - March 18, 2010

Jessica Phillips (Diana u/s), J. Robert Spencer, Kyle Dean Massey, Jennifer Damiano, Louis Hobson, Adam Chanler-Berat

Next to Normal - Derniere Alice, Brian and Jennifer
Broadway/America -  July 18, 2010

Alice Ripley (Diana), Brian D'Arcy James (Dan), Kyle Dean Massey (Gabe), Jennifer Damiano (Natalie), Adam Chanler-Berat (Henry) and Louis Hobson (Dr. Fine / Dr. Madden)

Lovely atmosphere for the last show from this cast

Next to Normal - First from new cast
Broadway/America - July 19, 2010

Marin Mazzie (Diana), Jason Daniely (Dan), Meghann Fahy(Natalie), Adam Chanler Berat (Henry) , Kyle Dean Massey (Gabe), Louis Hobson (Dr. Fine / Dr. Madden)

First performance of the new cast. Sometimes not zoomed in the right place, but great close ups make up for that.

Next to Normal
US Tour/America - November 23, 2010

Alice Ripley (Diana), Asa Sommers (Dan), Curt Hansen (Gabe), Emma Hunton (Natalie), Preston K. Sadleir (Henry), Jeremy Kushnier (Dr. Fine/Dr. Madden),

Next to Normal
Los Angeles (National tour)/America - December 4, 2010

Alice Ripley (Diana), Asa Somers (Dan), Emma Hunton (Natalie), Curt Hansen (Gabe), Jeremy Kushnier (Dr. Madden/Dr. Fine), and Preston Sadleir (Henry) 

Beautifull capture of new tour cast

Next to Normal - Highlights
US Tour (Cleveland)/America - June 11, 2011

Pearl Sun (Diana u/s), Asa Somers, Curt Hansen, Emma Hunton, Preston Sadleir, Jeremy Kushnier 

Shaky capture, Includes "Just Another Day",  "My Psychopharmacologist and I"*, "I Miss  the Mountains" through "It's Gonna Be Good"*, "You Don't Know"/"I Am the One", "Crazy Rockstar Scene"  through "Make Up Your Mind"/"Catch Me I'm Falling"*, "I Dreamed a Dance"  through "A Light in the Dark"*, "Wish I Were Here"*, "Song of  Forgetting"*, "Seconds  and Years"* through "You Don't Know (Reprise)",  "How Could I Ever Forget?" * through  Make Up Your Mind (Reprise)"A * next to a song means it either cuts out  at the beginning or the end. 

Next to Normal
Cleveland (US tour)/America - June 14, 2011

Alice Ripley, Asa Somers, Perry Sherman (u/s Gabe), Emma Hunton, Preston Sadlier, Jeremy Kushnier

Almost a full video. Missing the first few minutes of the show, "I Dreamed a Dance," and about a minute of "Perfect for You (Reprise)" due to disc changes, and ends during "Light.

Next to normal
Salt Lake City/America - October 1, 2011

Judy McLane (Diana), Jonathan Rayson (Dan), Ephie Aardema (Natalie), Matt Dengler (Gabe), Alex Brightman (Henry), Ben Crawford (Dr. Fine/Dr. Madden)

Regional Production

Next to normal
Raleigh/America - 
September 16, 2012

Jessika Brust (Diana), Kenneth Griggs (Dan), Kelsey Walston (Natalie)

Next to Normal
Furth/Germany - November 2, 2013

Pia Douwes (Diana Goodman), Thomas Borchert (Dan Goodman), Dirk Johnston (Gabe Goodman), Sabrina Weckerlin (Natalie Goodman), Dominik Hees (Henry), Ramin Dustdar (Dr. Fine/Dr. Madden)

The video is filmed from the mezzanine. There is some head obstruction in the bottom of the screen, which is filmed around effectively. The action is followed very well, using a combination of closeups and wider shots as necessary. Due to latecomers, the video starts at "Everything Else" (which will prove handy in distinguishing it from another released capture of this production, which includes "Just Another Day" but is missing the first 10 minutes of Act 2 ;)).

Next to Normal
Furth/Germany - November 2, 2013

Pia Douwes (Diana), Thomas Borchert (Dan), Dirk Johnston (Gabe), Sabrina Weckerlin (Natalie), Dominik Hees (Henry), Ramin Dustdar (Dr. Fine/Dr. Madden)

Picture: 7/10, Sound: 7/10, Missing the first 10 minutes of Act Two. Filmed from balcony in good quality with nice close-ups, a little shaky and blurry in between, but very watchable

Next to Normal - Derniere - Act 1 only
Furth/Germany - November 3, 2013

Pia Douwes (Diana), Thomas Borchert (Dan), Dirk Johnston (Gabe), Sabrina Weckerlin (Natalie), Dominik Hees (Henry), Ramin Dustdar (Dr. Fine/Dr. Madden)

Picture: 7/10, Sound: 7/10; 1 DVD, 2,24GB, 66min. Act 1 only. Filmed from balcony with some shakiness and very nice close-ups.

Next to Normal
San Diego/America - September 28, 2014

Bets Malone (Diana), Robert J. Townsend (Dan), Eddie Egan* (Gabe), Lindsay Joan (Natalie), Eric Michael Parker (Henry), Geno Carr (Dr. Fine/Dr. Madden), 

Equity actor, incredible cast, one quick drop out during "Just Another Day" but no other black outs, no obstruction only a bit of wash out in wide shots, filmed in 16:9, mix of wide, medium and close-up shots, sound is excellent, includes curtain call and speech given by Robert for You Give We Give charity speech and playbill scans, A+

Next to Normal - MP4
Madrid/Spain - 2015

Anabel García (Diana), César Casado (Dan), Cintia Rosado (Natalie), Daniel Orgaz (Gabe), Xoán Fórneas (Henry), Mario Tejero (Dr Madden/Dr Fine)

Ends during 'Maybe'

Next to Normal - NFT
Dortmund/Germany - 2015

Maya Hakvoort, Rob Fowler, Johannes Huth, Eve Rades, Dustin Smailes, Jörg Neubauer


Next to Normal
Osaka/Japan - January 4, 2015

Charity Gill (Diana), Digger Howard (Dan), Sean Sinclair (Gabe), Bethany Taylor James (Natalie), Jesse Bradley (Henry)

Performed in English

Next to Normal
Hamburg/Germany - October 7, 2016

Carolin Fortenbacher, Robin Brosch, Elias Krischke, Alice Hanimyan, Tim Grobe, Jan Rogler or Claudio Gottschalk Schmitt,

Terrible production

Next to Normal
Dresden/Germany - April 27, 2017

Pia Douwes,Sabrina Weckerlin,Felix Martin,Dominik Hees,Dirk Jonston und Ramin Dustar

Beautifull capture. 1 DVD and HD version available

Next to Normal – Act 1 only – MP4
LA/America - May 2017

Deedee Magno Hall (Diana), Cliffton Hall (Dan), Isa Briones (Natalie), Justin W. Yu (Gabe), Scott Keiji Takeda (Henry), Randy Guiaya (Dr. Madden/Dr. Fine) 

Act 1 only from the east west players

Next to Normal - MP4
Utah/America - September 2017