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Miss Saigon

Miss Saigon - Highlights
London/England - 1989

Lea Salonga, Jonathan Pryce, Simon Bowman, Claire Moore, Peter Polycarpou, Keith Burns.

Quite considerable generation loss, but very rare footage of the OLC. Over an hour of highlights, including TV appearances.

Miss Saigon – AVI
National Tour (LA)/America - November 1995

Kevin Gray: Engineer, Jennifer C. Paz: Kim, Peter Lockyer: Chris, Tami Tappan: Ellen, Keith Byron Kirk: John.

Pro-shot Recorded from the house camera with no close-ups and with sound direct from soundboard. 

Miss Saigon - Premiere - Directorstape
Scheveningen (Circus theater)/The Nethelands - October 24, 

Kim: Linda Wagenmakers, Christopher Scott (Chris): Tony Neef, De Regelaar: Willem Nijholt, John: Stanley Burleson, Ellen: Ellen Evers, Thuy: Charles Azulay, Gigi: Imelda de los Reyes

Bad Quality, audio can be soundboard, but is very low, so cant check that properly

Miss Saigon -  Highlights for about 65 minutes
Scheveningen (Fortis Circus Theater)/The Netherlands - 1996-1999

Casey Francisco (alt. Kim), Gert-Jan Heuvelmans (u/s Chris), Matthew Dickens (u/s John), Ellen Evers, Willem Nijholt 

-B Quality

Miss Saigon
Scheveningen (Fortis Circus Theater)/The Netherlands - 1996 - 1999 (also known as february 13)

Tony Neef (Chris), Linda Wagenmakers (Kim), Henk Dikmoet (u/s Engineer), Ellen Evers (Ellen), Paul Groot (John)

Act 2 ends before the finale. Includes parts of a Dutch tv-show with, amongst others, Rene van Kooten singing a musical song

Miss Saigon
London/England - Summer 1998

Cezarah Campos, David Shannon, Leo Valdez, Grania Renihan, Jo Jo De La Cerna, Richard Lloyd King, Imelda de los Reyes 

The principal cast are astonishing. Shot from the front of the stalls, hardly anything is missed and some excellent zoom too. Generation loss as expected, some black outs and audio terrible at some points. VOB + smalls

Miss Saigon - Highlights
Scheveningen (Circus Theatre)/The Netherlands - November 15, 1998

Casey Francisco (alt. Kim), Tony Neef, Bill van Dijk (the Engineer/de Regelaar), Stanley Burleson, Claudia De Graaf

Miss Saigon - Last show 
Scheveningen (Circus Theater)/The Netherlands - July 4, 1999

Tony Neef, Linda Wagenmaker, Claudia de Graaf, Willen Nijholt

Complete Show, last in Holland. With speech from Joop van den Ende

Miss Saigon
Stuttgart/Germany - April 8, 1999

Melinda Chua (Kim), Uwe Kröger (Chris), Jerzy Jeszke (Engineer) Grania Renihan (Ellen), Eric Lee Johnson (John), Robert Sena (Thuy), Milanie Sumalinog (Gigi)

Miss Saigone - press reel
Manila/ Philippines - 2000/2001

Lea Salonga, Will Chase, Leo Tavarro Valdez, Ron K. Smith, Lisa Capps, Rober Sena, Isay Alvarez.

Pro shot for promotional use. 2 DVD version, tekst is still in the image. Better Quality/More zoom then the version below

Miss Saigone - press reel
Manila/ Philippines - 2000/2001

Lea Salonga, Will Chase, Leo Tavarro Valdez, Ron K. Smith, Lisa Capps, Rober Sena, Isay Alvarez.

Pro shot for promotional use. 1`DVD version, tekst is moving through the image

Miss Saigon - Final Broadway performance
Broadway/America - January 7 (28?), 2001

Lea Salonga (Kim), Will Chase (Chris), Louyong Wang (The Engineer), Charles Wallace (John), Charles Wallace (Ellen), Michael K Lee (Thuy), Charlene Carabeo (Gigi)

Labeld as Final Broadway performance, but the info send in the smalls, says its from january 7 

Miss Saigon
National UK tour/England  - December 20, 2002

Jon Jon Briones (Engineer), Jennifer Hubilla (Kim), Allan Gillespie (Chris), Wallace Smith (John) Mario Tadeo (Thuy), Rachel Kopf (Ellen)

Miss Saigon
Long Island (Patchogue), NY/America - July 22, 2003

Raul Aranas (Engineer), Alex Lee Tano (Kim), Jason Mills (Chris), Kingsley Leggs (John), Brian A. Jose (Thuy), Trisha Rapier (Ellen)

Miss Saigon
Győr/Hungary - 2005

Péter Forgács (direcor) Anna Balogh, Péter Pankotai (Chris), Andrea Mahó (Kim), Sandor Venyige (John), Attila Mohácsi (Thuy), Katalin Benedekffy (Gigi), Bea Ajtai (Ellen)


Miss Saigon - PiP
New Jersey/America - June/July 2005

Voltaire Balderama, Emerita Alcid, Loren Christopher, Timothy Walton, Sarah Pettorsson.


Miss Saigon - AVI
Fullerton (Fullerton Civic Light Opera), CA/America - September 16, 2005

Kristine Remigio (Kim), Franc‐Anton Harwart (The Engineer), Blake Pullen (Chris)

File size : 1.68GB

Miss Saigon - Directorstape
UK tour/England - 2006

Ima Castro, Ramin Karimloo, Jon Jon Briones, John Partridge, Christine Sambeli Marquez, Christian Rey Marbella, Lara Pulver

Shot with in-house camera, full view of stage and soundboard quality audio throughout.    

Miss Saigon - Minimal Highlights - MP4
London/England - May 29, 2014 - Matinee

Tanya Manalang, Jon Jon Briones, Alistair Brammer.

Minimal highlights including "Kim's Nightmare/The Fall Of Saigon/Sun And Moon (Reprise)," "Sun and Moon (Partial)," "Maybe, " and "I Still Believe. Terrible quality. Shot from far far away

Miss Saigon - 25th anniversary  
London/England - September 22, 2014 

Eva Noblezada (Kim), JonJon Briones (Engineer), Alistair Brammer (Chris), Hugh Maynard (John), Kwang-Ho Hong (Thuy), Tamsin Caroll (Ellen), Rachelle Anne Go (Gigi)

Lea Salonga, Simon Bowman, Jonathan Pryce & other former members of the original London cast join the current revival cast to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Miss Saigon. Includes gala performances of This Is The Hour, Movie In My Mind, Last Night of The World & The American Dream. Includes speech by Cameron Macintosh and including The heat is on: the making of Miss Saigon The heat is back on: the remaking of Miss Saigon  

Miss Saigon
London/England - January 2015

Eva Noblezada (Kim), Jon Jon Briones (The Engineer), Alistair Brammer (Chris), Hugh Maynard (John), Ethan Le Phong (Cover Thuy), Tamsin Carroll (Ellen)

So great to see this classic, and the entire cast is fantastic. Very good video - unobstructed, steady and focused. Includes curtain call. 

Miss Saigon 
Broadway/America - March 9, 2017

Eva Noblezada, Jon Jon Briones, Alistair Brammer, Katie Rose Clarke, Nicholas Christopher, Devin Ilaw, Rachelle Ann Go. 

Great HD capture of the Broadway Revival. Terrific performances from the entire cast with many changes from the original production. There is a 7 minute black out near the top of Act 2 which effects the second half of Bui-Doi and the scene between Chris and John. A-

Miss Saigon
Broadway/America - May 13, 2017

Lianah Sta. Ana as (alt) Kim, Jon Jon Briones, Alistair Brammer, Katie Rose Clarke, Nicholas Christopher, Devin Ilaw, Rachelle Ann Go. Excellent 

HD capture of Lianah as the Kim Alternate. A wonderful production with a very solid cast and from a very nice angle to take in the whole show. A

Miss Saigon - MOV
Broadway/America - September 2017

Billy Bustamante (u/s Engineer), Eva Noblezada (Kim), Dorcas Leung (Gigi), Nicholas Christopher (John), Alistair Brammer (Chris), Devin Ilaw (Thuy), Katie Rose Clarke (Ellen), Daniel Shin (Tam)