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Mamma Mia

Mamma Mia
Chicago/America - June 1, 2001

Louise Pitre (Donna), Karen Mason (Tanya), Judy Kaye (Rosie), David W. Keeley (Sam), Ken Marks (Bill), Dean Nolan (Harry), Tina Maddigan (Sophie), Joe Machota (Sky)

The first video recording of the show ever. It has some unimportant differences from the original Broadway production. Good recording for its time, good sound

Mamma Mia
Ft Lauderdale/America - April 10, 2002

Monique Lund (Donna), Kristie Marsden (Sophie), Ellen Harvey (Tanya), Robin Baxter (Rosie), Don Noble (Sam), Chris Bolan (Sky), James Kall (Harry), Pearce Buntin (Bill), Bethany Plaglio (Ali), Elana Erst (Lisa)

Great cast! It's interesting to see how the show's come along over the years. Recorded on a VHS. This show either had a low budget, or the theatre didn't have well equipped facilities, because there are many differences to the permanent shows, but I guess that's expected on a tour. The encore is... interesting. Not in a bad way, it's cool how they made it work, but the set stays in the centre stage and the lighting's very simple. I'm not criticizing the show in any way, I think it's cool how they worked with what they had! There's no neon floor in this show.

Mamma Mia
West-End/England - September 14, 2002

Laura Michelle Kelly, Louise Plowright, Susanna Fellows, Myra McFaden, Paul Basleigh, Simon Slater

Filmed from the balcony, but great sound, nice pic, a little grainy, but overall very nice.

Mamma mia
US Tour (Philidelphia)/America - June 3, 2003

Lisa Richard (u/s), Chilina Kennedy, Cynthia Sophiea, Rosalyn Rahn Kerins, PJ Griffith, Gary Lynch, Craig Bennet, Michael DeVries, Emy Baysic, Karen Burthwright, Phillip Nero 

Missing around 10 mins at the beginning. Maybe march 3, 2000 or february 3, 2003 (according to the small files). It was recorded on a VHS, and the quality is pretty bad at first, but clears up before the end of 'I Have a Dream'. Also, on a personal note, the stage is lot less cramped then it is in other US Tour videos, which is great visually. No neon floor, obviously and unfortunately there is a hard cut during the bows cutting straight to Dancing Queen and Waterloo is also cut out. Clearly the master wasn't expecting the excessive amount of fun at the end haha

Mama Mia - Directorstape
Utrecht (Beatrix theater)/The Netherlands - 2004

Simone Kleinsma, Marjolein Touw, Annemieke van der Ploeg, Fred Butter, Hajo Bruijns, Timo Bakker, Celine Purcell, Oren Schrijver

Directors tape so no zoom at all. Soundboard sound, sometimes quite low

Mamma Mia - Highlights from the Premiere
Stuttgart /Germany - June 18, 2004

Ina Trabesinger, Jasna Ivar, Andreas Lichtenberger, Armin Kahl, Iris Schumacher, Melanie Wiegmann

Only songs, no dialogues, Quality: B

Mamma Mia - Only act 1
Antwerpen/België - March 25, 2006

Vera Mann (Donna), Myriam Bronzwaar (Tanja), Lulu Aertgeerts (Roos), Jan Schepens (Sam), Mark Tijsmans (Harrie), Marc Coessens (Bart), Sasha Rosen (Sophie), Davy Gilles (Sky), Hannah van Meurs (Ellie), Lokke Dieltiens (Lisa) 

Lot of obstruction, not much zoom, only act 1 though

Mamma Mia
Essen/Germany - May 10, 2007

Lone van Roosendaal (Donna), Kerstin-Marie Mäkelburg (Tanja), Barbara Tartaglia (Rosie), RominaLangenhan (Sophie),  Gido Schimansk, Frank-Josef Winkels, Jörg Zuch

Full stage directorstape without zoom

Mamma Mia
Mexico City/Mexico - 2009

Rocío Banquells (Donna), Gloria Aura (Sophie), Paco Morales (Sam), Beto Torres (Javi), Damián López (Bruno), María Filippini (Tanya), Anahí Allué (Rosie), Carlos Rivera (Sky) Cecilia de la Cueva (Ali), Gina Castellanos (Lisa), Fernando Morales (Chili), Dante Hernandez (Eddie), Jaime Rojas (Padre Alexandríos).

The recording goes well during the entire performance until “Waterloo”. One of the cameras turns shaky and blurry during the last number. Act 1 begins after the Overture, Act 2 begins right before the curtain rises with “Under Attack”.

Mamma Mia
São Paulo, Brazil  - 2011

Kiara Sasso (Donna), Pati Amoroso (Sophie), Saulo Vasconcelos (Sam), Cleto Baccic (Harry), Carlos Arruza (Bill), Rachel Ripani (Tanya), Andrezza Massei (Rosie), Thiago Machado (Sky).

Gorgeous takes. The cast is OK, but the Sophie is vocally awful. Resolution is 16:9 but the picture is actually 4:3, so you'll see two black stripes on each side of the video. Act 1 begins at the Prologue, Act 2 begins at the middle of the Entr'Acte.

Mamma Mia - Limited trade
Broadway - November 21, 2012

Christy Altomare (Sophie), Natalie Bradshaw/Monica Kapoor* (u/s Ali), Thomasina Gross (Lisa), Felicia Findley (Tanya), Laureen Cohn (Rosie), Judy McLane (Donna), Zak Resnick (Sky), Graham Rowat (Harry), Daniel Cooney (Bill), Victor Wallace (Sam)

Some heads but I shot between them well, and it is mostly a steady shot.

Mamma Mia - Limited trade
Stuttgart/Germany - April 16, 2013

Eva Serrarens (Sophie), Annakathrin Naderer (Ali), Rebecca Stahlhut (Lisa), Helena Blöcker (Rosie), Betty Vermeulen (Tanja), Patricia Hodell (Donna), Dirk Johnston (Sky), Pierre Damen (Pepper), Norbert Böhmann (Eddie), Jörg Zuch (Bill), Matthias Otte (Harry), Jerry Marwig (Sam).

Mamma Mia - Limited trade
Stuttgart/Germany - April 17, 2013

Eva Serrarens (Sophie), Annakathrin Naderer (Ali), Rebecca Stahlhut (Lisa), Helena Blöcker (Rosie), Raphaela Groß-Fengels (Tanja), Sabine Mayer (Donna), Dirk Johnston (Sky), Pierre Damen (Pepper), Norbert Böhmann (Eddie), Jörg Zuch (Bill), Matthias Otte (Harry), Jerry Marwig (Sam). Ensemble: Heather Carino, Laura Greer, Patricia Hodell, Denise Jastraunig, Chiara Ludemann, Melissa Nettleford, Jane Reynolds, Jonathan Agar, René Becker, Christopher Bolam, James Cook, Nikolas Gerdell, Kevin Hudson, Manuel Steinsdörfer

Filmed from stalls with many head obstructions, but good handling and filming around the heads with quite nice close-ups. A little shaky and blurry though. Ends after "I do, I do, I do, I do, I do" 

Mamma Mia - AVI
Moscow/Russia - April 20, 2013

Elena Charkviani (Donna), Natalia Bystrov (Sophie), Vadim Michman (Sky), Eteri Beriashvili (Rosie), Anastasiya Sapozhnikova (Tanya), Igor Portmoy (Harry), Vladimir Yankovskiy (Bill), Andrey Klyuev (Sam), Daria Zueva (Lisa), Julia Churakova (Ali), Dmitry Golovin (Pepper), Alexander Bocharov (Eddie)

Just incredible. I can't explain it. Absolutely wonderful cast and HUGE amounts of energy. Unlike the other Moscow recording, this one features a couple from the original cast, including Elena as Donna, Natalia as Sophie and Andrey as Sam. Absolutely incredible to watch. If you want to read my rant about how much I love Moscow, read the traders notes for the other Moscow 2013 video.

Mamma Mia
Stuttgart/Germany - August 2013

Willemijn Verkaik (Donna), Eva Serrarens (Sophie), Barbara Raunegger (Rosie), Betty Vermuelen (Tanja), Rebecca Stahlhut (Lisa), Annakathrin Naderer (Ali), Jerry Marwig (Sam), Matthias Otte (Harry), Marek Sarnowski (Bill), James Cook (Sky), Denys Magda (Eddie), Pierre Damen (Pepper)

It was filmed during Willemijn's short stint as Donna last summer, and she's simply phenomenal in the role. Acts it brilliantly, sings it even better and is just adorable and awesome all around. The rest of the cast are also great, The video is filmed from central stalls and features a completely unobstructed view of the stage. The action is followed all too well using a variety of shots as needed. The filming is steady and the colors great 

Mamma Mia - Limited trade
Stuttgart/Germany - January 5, 2014

Annakathrin Naderer (Sophie), Sanne Buskermolen (Ali), Rebecca Stahlhut (Lisa), Barbara Raunegger (Rosie), Raphaela Groß-Fengels (Tanja), Sabine Mayer (Donna), Marc Früh (Sky), Pierre Damen (Pepper), Denys Magda (Eddie), Marek Sarnowksi (Bill), Volker Metzger (Harry), Jerry Marwig (Sam).

Another great, recent video from Stuttgart! There are some head obstructions. That being said, the heads don't cover the centre of the stage. Act 1 is complete, but act 2 ends at the beginning of the Dancing Queen encore. This was because the ushers had already told another person in the auditorium to stop filming. Also, I'm pretty sure this was either Annakathrin's last show as Sophie or her last show completely, as she is rehearsing for Mamma Mia Vienna 2014 - so this is probably the last video you can get of her.

Mamma Mia - Limited trade
US Tour (Thousand Oaks, CA)/America - January 18, 2014

Georgia Kate Haege, Chelsea Williams, Bonne Tomlinson (u/s Tanya), Carly Sakolove, Michael Colavolpe, Mark A Harmon, Alex Mendoza (u/s Sam), Chris Stevens, Antoinette Comer, Kyle Dupree, Emily Price, Neil Starkenberg

Good video with no washout or no obstruction; overture and first minute of the prologue are blacked out, but the show is complete after that.

Mamma Mia
Stuttgart/Germany - May 3, 2014

Denise Jastraunig (Sophie), Laura Greer (Ali), Heather Carino (Lisa), Claudia Wauschke (Rosie), Betty Vermeulen (Tanja), Helena Blocker (Donna), Marc Fruh (Sky), Farid Halim (Pepper), Christopher Bolam (Eddie), Marek Sarnowski (Bill), Volker Metzger (Harry), Jerry Marwig (Sam)

Mamma Mia
Stuttgart/Germany - May 25, 2014

Martina Lechner (Sophie), Laura Greer (Ali), Sanne Buskermolen (Lisa), Barbara Raunegger (Rosie), NinaJ anke (Tanja), Sabine Mayer (Donna), Marc Früh (Sky), Farid Halim (Pepper), Norbert Böhmann (Eddie), Marek Sarnowski (Bill), Volker Metzger (Harry), Jerry Marwig (Sam)

Black-outs during the Ouverture, Entr'acte and last 6 minutes of act 1. Act 2 ends after 'I have a dream'. 

Mamma Mia
Stuttgart/Germany - July 23, 2014

Lara Grünfeld (Sophie), Denise Jastraunig (Ali), Chiara Ludemann (Lisa), Barbara Raunegger (Rosie), Betty Vermeulen (Tanja), Nina Janke (Donna), Marc Früh (Sky), Farid Halim (Pepper), Christopher Bolam (Eddie), Jonathan Agar (Bill), Patrick Imhof (Harry), Jerry Marwig (Sam)

Shaky cam

Mamma Mia
Oberhausen/Germany - September 24, 2015

Donna: Nina Janke, Sophie: Lara Grünfeld, Rosie: Barbara Raunegger, Tanja: Kerstin Mäkelburg, Bill: Jörg Zuch, Harry: Nicolas Tenerani, Sam: Jerry Marwig, Sky: Marc Früh, Ali: Sanne Buskermolen, Lisa: Rebecca Stahlhut, Eddie: Thomas Höfner,  Pepper: Farid Halim.  Esemble: Aine Curran, Marina Maniglio, Annakathrin Naderer, Ahou Nikazar, Isabella Prühs, Veronique Spiteri, Nina Ungerer, Brett Hibberd, Kevin Husdon, Alexander Hyne, Marc Schlapp, Qushannick Thodé, Ben Tyas, Nigel Watson.

Good capture

Mamma Mia 
US Tour (Springfield, Ohio)/America - March 14, 2016

Rebecca Mason-Wygal* (u/s Donna), Kyra Belle Johnson (Sophie), Laura Michelle Hughes (Tanya), Sarah Smith (Rosie), Ryan M. Hunt (Bill), Andrew Tebo (Harry), Chard W. Fornwalt (Sam), Stephen Eckelmann (Sky), Christina Eskridge (Lisa), Max Ehrlich (Eddie), Kat Borrelli (Ali), Justin Goel (Pepper).

Great performances all around, Erin and Kyra played the leading ladies very well and Stephen was a hunk of a Sky. A good capture of the show. This capture, as with all my future captures, was run through an image stabilizer so it is not as shaky as previous captures (but still no HD quality). There are no blackouts and the action is very well followed. Includes curtain call and post curtain call songs. Audio is near perfect, but slightly quieter, 

Mamma Mia - Hollywood Bowl
LA/America - July 30, 2017

Jennifer Nettles, Dove Cameron, Tisha Campbell-Martin, Lea DeLaria, Jaime Camil, Steven Weber, Hamish Linklater, Corbin Bleu, Charlotte Mary Wen, Tiana Okoye, Rodd Farhadi, Payson Lewis . 

The annual Hollywood Bowl production never disappoints. Jennifer absolutely kills it, and there are some brilliant comedic moments from the whole cast. This capture is nearly perfect with just a couple quick dropouts and some brief moments where the video wanders or goes out of focus, but never for more than a few seconds. It’s filmed in 16:9, with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. The sound is excellent. Includes curtain call, encores, and playbill scans.