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Les Miserables

Les Miserables
London/England - 1987

Martin Smith (Jean Valjean - 2nd u/s), Clive Carter (Javert), Kathleen Rowe McAllen (Fantine), Jayne Draper (Éponine), Maurice Clark (Marius - 2nd u/s), Jacinta Mulcahy (Cosette), David Delve (Thénardier), Myra Sand (Madame Thénardier), Martin George (Enjolras), Cameron Stewart (Grantaire - u/s)

Seems to be shot with an in house cam. Image start directly from beginning of the show. 1DVD

Les Miserables
Hungary - 1990

Hardy Rudolz (JVJ), Mark Morouse (Javert), Susanna Panzner (Fantine), Tom Zahner (Thenardier), Heike Schmitz (Mme Thenardier), Julia Kamenik (Cosette), Vera Bolten (Eponine), Axel Mendrok (Marius), Mark Rosenthal (Enjolras), Laurenz Mitzam (Gavroche)

Pro Shot

Les Miserables
Amsterdam/The Netherlands - 1991

Henk Poort, Pia Douwes, Danny de Munk, Simone Kleinsma, Vera Mann, Uwe Kroger

Nice show. Generation loss. A bit strange hearing Uwe speak Dutch. DVD (B/B+)
Starts with image of the flag and Les Mis under it. The last scene is in close up. So les mis flag with close up is 1991

Les Miserables
London/England - December 28, 1991

Stig Rossen (Jean Valjean), Paul Leonard (Javert), Meredith Braun (Eponine), Darryl Knock, Mike Sterling, Sarah Hane Hassell, Jenna Russell 

Proshot with no zoom. Some generation loss, obviously converted from VHS, but still a pretty cool old video! Includes curtain call and a few videos (Tony Awards performance, bits from documentaries,etc)

Les Miserables - Version 1 (also known as Les mis 1992)
The Netherlands - 1992

Henk Poort, Ernst Daniel Smid, Pia Douwes, Paul de Leeuw, Simone Kleinsma, Vera Mann, Bill Van Dijk, Danny de Munk, Joke de Kuijf

Good mix between full stage shots and close-ups. Generation loss.. Starts with the 1815 Toulon logo

Les Miserables - Version 2
The Netherlands - 1992

Henk Poort, Ernst Daniel Smid, Pia Douwes, Paul de Leeuw, Simone Kleinsma, Vera Mann, Bill Van Dijk, Danny de Munk, Joke de Kuijf;

Same show as version; Good mix between full stage shots and close-ups. Generation loss. Difference; No black-out in the beginning and slightly better quality. Starts witch the les Mis logo.

Les Miserables
Paris/France - 1992

Robert Marien (Valjean), Patrick Rocca (Javert), Louise Pitre (Fantine), Laurent Gendron (Thé), Marie France Roussel (Mme T), Jérôme Pradon (Marius), Stéphanie Martin (Éponine), Marie Zamora (Cosette), Julien Combey (Enjolras)

Includes the entire first act and the second from the Wedding Chorale until the end of the very long curtain call.  Filmed from the left balcony, but you don't really miss anything important (some of Thénardiers gang in "Javert's Intervention" is the only thing as far as I recall).

Les Miserables - Highschool production
Miskolc/Hungary - 1995

Máté Kamarás (Valjean) 

Les Miserables - 10th aniversary concert 
Londen (Royal Albert Hall)/England - 1995

The dream cast

Professional recording, Officiël DVD, Lovely concert and capture

Les Miserables - Concert
Chelmsford/England - August 24, 1997

Jeff Leyton, Michael McCarthy, Ruthie Henshall, Matthew Cammelle, Frances Ruffelle, Annalene Beechey, David Bardsley, Chris Langham, Gay Soper

Pro shot, recorded through the concert’s big-screen cameras which relayed the action on stage to the massive crowd, this is a brilliantly clear DVD with fantastic close-ups. Audio fed in from soundboard, but really low!

Les Miserables - monitor video
Hungary - 1999

Sandor Sasvari (Jean Valjean), Gyula Vikidal (Javert), Renata Krassy (Cosette), Zoltan Bereczky (Marius)

Les Miserables
Essen/Germany - 1999

Thomas Borchert (JVJ), Maya Hakvoort (Fantine), Michael Lewis (Marius), Kaspar Holmboe (Bishop).

Proshot,  Church service incorporating scenes from the musical

Les Miserables
Broadway/America - March 6, 1999

Fred Inkley (Valjean), Philip Hernandez (Javert), Alice Ripley (Fantine), Peter Lockyer (Marius), Megan Lawrence (Eponine), Cameron Bowen (Gavroche), Cristina Faicco 

Horrible video quality, audio is fine. Sometimes a little wandering. a little head obstruction at the bottom. Skips from midway through At The End of the Day to I Dreamed a Dream, sometimes films the ceiling or is unfocused. Still, it's nice to see what the show was like before the cuts. 

Les Miserbles
Broadway/America - October 3, 2001

Ivan Rutherford (Jean Valjean), Shuler Hensley (Javert), Jacqueline Piro (Fantine), Melissa Minyard (Cosette u/s), Peter Lockyer (Marius), Ben Davis (Enjolras), Catherine Brunell (Eponine), Betsy Joslyn (Mme. Themardier), Nick Wyman (Thenardier)

Begins when Valjean reaches the field in "On Parole", around 5 minutes into the show.  Very good quality, especially considering its age

Les Miserables - Derniere
São Paulo/Brazil - 2002 

Marcos Tumura as Valjean, Saulo Vasconcelos as Javert, Fred Silveira as Marius, Paula Capovilla in the first act as Fantine, and in the second act Alessandra Maestrine, Sara Sarres as cosette 

Les Miserables
West End/England - July 19 & 25, 2002

Hans Peter Janssens (Jean Valjean), Jerome Pradon (Javert), Carmen Cusack (Fantine), Mandy Holliday (Madame Thenardier), Stephen Tate (Thenardier), Caroline Sheen (Eponine), Jody Crosier (Marius), Sarah Lane (Cosette), Jason McCann (Enjolras), Wain Douglas (Grantaine), Kieran Brown (Feuilly)

Les Miserables
Broadway/America - November 19, 2002

J. Mark McVey (Jean Valjean), David Masenheimer (Javert), Lauren Kennedy (Fantine), Nick Wyman (Thénardier), Diana Kaarina (Eponine), Christopher Mark Peterson (Enjolras), Kevin Kern (Marius), Sandra Turley (Cosette), James Chip Leonard (Bishop), Robert Hunt (Foreman)

Clear video and sound. Nice capture.  A-

Les Miserables - Highlights from the closing night
Broadway/America - May 18, 2003

Randal Keith (Valjean) Michael McCarthy (Javert) Jayne Paterson (Fantine) Christopher Mark Peterson (Enjolras) Diana Kaarina (Eponine) Kevin Kern (Marius) Sandra Turley (Cosette) Nicholas Jonas (Gavroche) 

Closing night. Great picture and filmings; great sound. Highlights + special ending from 2 cameras. Includes student performances with Skylar Astin as Javert. Runs for about 1h and 15 mins;  the numbers included are One Day More, On My Own, Bring Him Home, A Little Fall Of Rain, Javert's Death, Empty Chairs At Empty Tables, and Finale. Includes the curtain speeches and numbers from a high school cast performance.

Les Miserables
Bonn/Germany - July 4, 2003

Hardy Rudolz, Mark Morouse, Susanna Panzner, Tom Zahner, Heike Schmitz, Julia Kamenik, Vera Bolten, Axel Mendrok, Mark Rosenthal, Laurenz Mitzam

Nice shot of non-replica show

Les Miserable - Dress rehearsal + Fanclub meeting
Berlin/Germany - September 19, 2003

Uwe Kröger, Ann Christin Elverum, Vera Bolten, Lucius Wolter, Valerie Link, Martin Pasching

Dress rehearsal performances of At the End of the Day, Master of the House, On My Own, Stars, Bring Him Home, and One Day More, with narration by Vera Bolten, plus footage of a fan club meeting.

Les Miserables - non-replica production
Bømlo/Germany - 2004

Rein Alexander (Jean Valjean), Ståle Ytterli (Javert), Grethe Svensen (Fantine), Heine Totland (Marius), Margrete Lund Skorpen (Cosette), Britt-Synnøve Johansen (Eponine), Sigurd Sele (Enjolras), Helge Jordal (Thenardier), Elin Hestflått (Madame Thenardier). 


Les Miserables
London/England - July 14, 2004

Sean Kingsley, Michael McCarthy, Joanna Ampil, Gary Tushaw, Gemma Wardle,  Lydia Griffiths, Oliver Thornton, Stephen Tate, Katy Secombe

According to another trader: "Wonderful video. Lots of head obstruction in the beginning but then the filmer seems to get a different angle and the rest of the show is beautifully shot. Pre HD recording though

Les Miserables - Highlights
Berlin/Germany - October 2004

Olegg Vynnyk (Jean Valjean), Uwe Kröger (Javert)

50 minutes of Javert-oriented highlights

Les Miserables

Berlin/Germany - December 19, 2004

Chris Murray, Christian Müller , Henriette Grawwert, Jana Stelley, Miriam Zipf , Lucius Wolter, Martin Pasching, Cush Jung, Heike Schmitz, Frithjof Gernentz, Marc Clear, Oliver Muelich, Marcel Meyer, Tillmann Schnieders; Eva-Maria Bender, Simone Geyer, Lilian Marti, Claudia Reinhard, Raimata Templeton, Gerlinde Vliegenthart, Mirel Zeeman; Mark Derichs, Nico Gaik, Marcus Hezel, Seth Lerner, Frank Loman, Rory Six, Veit Schäfermeister

Double dvd

Les Miserables - Non replica  - FLV
Tecklenberg/Germany - 2006

Christopher Murray (Jean Valjean), Marc Clear (Javert), Jana Werner (Fantine), Mia Kirsch (Little Cosette), Dominic Niedenzu/Nils Abremis (Gavroche), Barbara Köhler (Éponine), Martin Berger (Thénardier), Katja Berg (Mme. Thénardier), Alen Hodzcovic (Marius), Elisabeth Ebner (Cosette), Michael Eisenburger (Enjolras)

Looking for VOB

Les Miserables
Tokyo/Japan - April 15, 2006

Yuichiro Yamaguchi (Valjean), Takuya Kon (Javert), Maaya Sakamoto (Eponine), Rumi Iryo (Fantine), Tamaki Kenmotsu (Cosette), Kohki Okada (Marius), Hajime Komada (Thenardier), Rika Tanaka (Mme Thenardier), Higashiyama Yoshihisa (Enjolras)

Les Misérables - Evening
London/England - May 6, 2006

Tim Godwin (u/s Jean Valjean), Cornell John (Javert), Kerry Ellis (Fantine), Amanda Jane Callaghan (u/s Eponine), Hayden Tee (Marius), Nolan Dark (u/s Enjolras), Julia Moller (Cosette), Tracie Bennett (Mme. Thenardier), Barry James (Thenardier) 

Filmed from the back, so the camera is very high up. Washouts and heads in the way, but camera does a nice job filming around them. Top gets cut off by the ceiling.

Les Miserables - Derniere
St. Louis (US tour)/America - July 23, 2006

Randal Keith, Robert Hunt, Joan Almedilla, Jennifer Butt, Norman Large, Melissa Lyons, Daniel Bogart, Ali Ewoldt

Final tour performance of the third national tour. Very dark and unfocused capture

Les Miserables - Highlights from 21th anniversary
London/Englan - October 8, 2006

John Owen Jones, Colm Wilkinson, Michael Ball, Patti Lupone, Clive Carter*

Proshot of the curtain call and after show performace from the OBC at Queen's Theatre. Includes 'Bring Him Home (Colm Wilkinson and the Original London Cast of Les Miserables), I Dreamed A Dream (Patti LuPone), 'Memory (Elaine Paige), and 'One Day More'

Les Miserables
Broadway/America - November 11, 2006

Victor Hawks (u/s Jean Valjean), Norm Lewis (Javert), Daphne Rubin-Vega (Fantine), Celia Keenan-Bolger (Eponine), Adam Jacobs (Marius), Aaron Lazar (Enjolras), Ali Ewoldt (Cosette), Drew Sarich (Grantaire),  Gary Beach (Thénardier), Jenny Galloway (Mme. Thénardier), Tess Adams (Little Cosette)

First minute sound only. After that good video. A little dark in some places. Great sound. Also includes some extras 

Les Miserables - directors tape - non-replica
Lubeck/Germany - 2007

Thomas Christ (Valjean), Steffen Kubach (Javert), Manfred Ohnoutka (Thénardier), Tamasz Dziecielki (Marius)

Monitor cam without zoom

Les Miserables - Revival Cast
Broadway/America - February 17, 2007

Alexander Gemignani, Norm Lewis, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Gary Beach, Jenny Galloway, Celia Kennan-Bolger, Ali Ewoldt, Adam Jacobs, Drew Sarich (Enjolras u/s)

Amazing quality! This is the best audience capture I have ever seen, It is literally pro-shot quality at times. Beautiful sound and picture, motion menus, selectable scenes. An absolute must have. Double dvd

Les Miserables - Highlights
St. Gallen/Swiss – April 15, 2007

Oskar Bly / Olegg Vynnyk (JVJ), Mathias Edenborn (Javert), Caroline Vasicek (Fantine), Jesper Tyduin (Marius), Eva Gullvag Aasgaard (Cosette), Lucy Scherer (Eponine), Ivar Helgason (Enjolras), Kurt Schrepfer (Thenardier), Sonja Atlas (Mme. Thenardier)

Mostly Javert-centered highlights, but does include IDAD and OMO. fuzzy and blurry image

Les Miserables

Broadway Revival/America - May 12, 2007

Alexander Gemignani (Valjean), Drew Sarich (u/s Javert), Lea Salonga (Fantine), Adam Jacobs (Marius), Mandy Bruno (Eponine), Ali Ewoldt (Cosette), Max von Essen (Enjolras), Gary Beach (Thenardier), Ann Harada (Madame Thenardier), Stephen Trafton (u/s Grantaire) 

2 discs, very nicely shot. This DVD also includes part of the 24 February 2007 evening performance, the Prologue until the first few notes of At the End of the Day.

Les Miserables
Broadway/America - August 24, 2007

Drew Sarich (Jean Valjean), Robert Hunt (Javert), Nikki Renee Daniels (Fantine u/s), Adam Jacobs (Marius), Megan McGinnis (Eponine), Ali Ewoldt (Cosette), Chip Zien (Thenardier), Becca Ayers (Madame Thenardier u/s), Brian D’Addario (Gavroche), Max von Essen (Enjolras)

Good quality shot 

Les Miserables
Beverly/America - October 23, 2007

Fred Inkley, Jacquelyn Piro, Charles Hagerty, Joanne Javien, Devin Richards, Inga Ballard, Ron Winski

Pro-Shot. Presented "in-the-round".

Les Miserables - First Run in the Rehearsel Studio - Limited trade 
Amsterdam (Focus/Dutch Studio's)/The Netherlands - 2008

René van Kooten, Wim van den Driessche, Nurlaila Karim, Celine Purcell, Suzan Seegers, Jamai Loman, Freek Bartels, Carlo Boszhard

The First Run Through in the Rehearsel Studio, Without Set and Costumes. It was made for the cast members of Les Miserables. Also some interviews with cast members are on the dvd. ProShot A+

Les Miserables
Rotterdam (Nieuwe Luxor)/Netherlands - 2008

René van Kooten als Jean Valjean, Wim van den Driessche als Javert, Jamai Loman als Marius, Suzan Seegers als Cosette, Nurlaila Karim als Fantine, Freek Bartels als Enjolras, Marjolein Algera als Madame Thénardier, Céline Purcell als Eponine

Complete show, Amateur capture A, Dubble dvd (also 1 dvd version available)

Les Miserables - Limited trade
Rotterdam (Nieuwe Luxor Theater)/The Netherlands - 2008

Tony Neef (us Jean Valjean), Richard Spijkers (us Javert), rest is original cast. Some of the ensamble is not there (Freek Bartels is missing)

Briljant rare recording

Les Miserables - Non-replica production
Philadelphia/America - May 17, 2008

Hugh Panaro (Jean Valjean), Paul Schoeffler (Javert), Jessica Bogart (Fantine), Laurel Gwynne Yaros (Young Cosette), Dawn Spence (Madame Thenadier), Scott Greer (Thenardier), Dante Mignucci (Gavroche), Christina DeCicco (Eponine), Jeffrey Coon (Enjolras), Josh Young (Marius), Julie Craig (Cosette)

Les Miserables - Hollywood Bowl Concert

Hollywood/America - August 9, 2008

J. Mark McVey (Jean Valjean), Brian Stokes Mitchell (Javert), Melora Hardin (Fantine), Lea Michele (Éponine), John Lloyd Young (Marius), Tom Lowe (Enjolras), Michele Maika (Cosette), Michael McCormick (Thènardier), Ruth Williamson (Madame Thènardier), Maddie Levy (Young Cosette), Sage Ryan (Gavroche) 

2 discs. Good cam video. The show has been edited down quite severely to fit the desired timeframe.

Les Miserables - 25th anniversary concert - Live at the O2
Londen/England - 2010

Jean Valjean - Alfie Boe, Javert - Norm Lewis, Thenardier - Matt Lucas, Madame Thenardier - Jenny Galloway, Fantine - Lea Salonga, Eponine - Samantha Barks, Marius - Nick Jonas, Cosette - Katie Hall, Enjolras - Ramin Karimloo, Bishop - Earl Carpenter, Grantaire - Hadley Fraser

Professional recording A+

Les Misérables - UK 25th anniversary tour
UK Tour (London)/England - September 17, 2010

Christopher Jacobsen (Valjean u/s), Earl Carpenter (Javert), Madalena Alberto (Fantine), Ashley Artus (Thénardier), Lynne Wilmot (Mme. Thénardier), Rosalind James (Éponine), Katie Hall (Cosette), Gareth Gates (Marius), Jon Robyns (Enjolras), David Lawerence (Bishop/Lesgles), Gemma O'Duffy (u/s Factory Girl 5), Peter Manchester (u/s Courfeyrac), Adam Linstead (Grantaire), Jamie Muscato (Prouvaire), Owain Williams (Feuilly), Rhidian Marc (Joly), David Covey (Combeferre), Luke Kempner (Montparnasse/Farmer) 

Amazing recording. Great cast! Amazing quality, many zooms, almost no washouts.

Les Miserables
London/England - October 3, 2010 - Matinee

Alfie Boe (Jean Valjean), Norm Lewis (Javert), Lea Salonga (Fantine), Nick Jonas (Marius), Katie Hall (Cosette), Jenny Galloway (Madame Thénardier), Ramin Karimloo (Enjolras), Samantha Barks (Éponine), Matt Lucas (Thénardier), Mia Jenkins (Young Cosette), Robert Madge (Gavroche) + the OLC.

Les Miserables
London/England - October 3, 2010 - Evening

Alfie Boe (Jean Valjean), Norm Lewis (Javert), Lea Salonga (Fantine), Nick Jonas (Marius), Katie Hall (Cosette), Jenny Galloway (Madame Thénardier), Ramin Karimloo (Enjolras), Samantha Barks (Éponine), Matt Lucas (Thénardier), Mia Jenkins (Young Cosette), Robert Madge (Gavroche) + the OLC

No missing part at all and includes all speeches.

Les Miserables
New Jersey (National tour at the papermill Playhouse)/America - December 12, 2010

Ron Sharpe (Valjean alt), Andrew Varela (Javert) Betsy Morgan (Fantine) Chasten Harmon (Eponine) Jenny Latimer (Cosette) Jeremy Hays (Enjolras) Justin Brown (Marius) John Rapson (Thénardier u/s) Shawna Hamic (Mme. Thénardier) Josh Caggiano (Gavroche) Anastasia Korbal (Little Cosette) Joseph Spieldenner (Grantaire) Jason Forbach (Feuilly) 

Hilarious Thenardier, very nice cast. Amazing quality, but a really dark.

Les Miserables
London/England - 2011

Jonathan Williams (u/s Valjean), Norm Lewis (Javert), Rebecca Seale (Fantine), Katy Secombe (Mme Thenardier), Martin Ball (Thenardier), Gareth Gates (Marius), Samantha Barks (Eponine), AJ Callaghan (Cosette), Killian Donnelly (Enjolras), Oliver Gilmartin (Gavroche) 

Very good quality, nice cast. Camera is on stage height, so the top gets cut off by the ceiling. Missing the beginning of 'At The End of the Day'

Les Miserables - Limited trades
Madrid/Spain - July 14, 2011

Geronimo Rauch, David Ordinas, Enrique R. del Portal, Virginia Carmona, Guido Belzaretti, Talia del Val, Lydia Fairen, Daniel Diges

Pro shot, rare 

Les Miserables - Movie and Special

A gorgeous film if not quite a classic, 'Les Misérables' is a beautiful interpretation of the stage production based on the Victor Hugo novel. Movie is in AVI format, but good quality though!

Les Miserables - Limited trade
Us Tour (Chicago)/America - November 15, 2012

Peter Lockyer (JVJ), Andrew Varela (Javert), Betsy Morgan (Fantine), Lauren Wiley (Cosette), Briana Carlson-Goodman (Eponine), Timothy Gulan (Thenardier), Shawna Hamic (Mme Thenardier), Jordan Nichols (u/s Marius), Jason Forbach (Enjolras), Joseph Spieldenner (Grantaire).

Les Miserables
London (Queen's Theatre)/England - 2013 

Chris Holland (u/s Jean Valjean), Tam Mutu (Javert), AJ Callaghan (u/s Fantine), Vicky Entwistle (Madame Thenardier), Cameron Blakely (Thenardier), Jamie Ward (Marius), Danielle Hope (Eponine), Samantha Dorsey (Cosette), Christopher Jacobsen (Enjolras).

The video is shot from back central stalls. The action is followed well, using a mix of various shots as appropriate. There is minimal head obstruction in the wider shots. and from the overhang, which gets in the way in the few scenes happening at the very top of the barricade. There are some parts that are a tad too dark or bright, but overall the colors are a faithful representation. Full video asides from these scenes: first half of At the End of the Day, At the Barricade, Every Day/A Heart Full of Love (Reprise).

Les Miserables
Magdeburg/Germany - July 2013

Thomas Borchert (Valjean), Markus Liske (Javert), Bettina Mönch (Fantine), Christina Patten (Eponine), Teresa Sedlmair (Cosette), Oliver Arno (Marius), Marc Lamberty (Enjolras), Peter Wittig (Thénardier), Gabriele Stoppel-Bachmann (Madame Thénardier

Non-replica production. Amazing quality, great close-ups. Beautiful open-air production. Includes some cut scenes, and Gavroche is a woman!

Les Miserables 
West End/England - September 18, 2013

Daniel Koek (Jean Valjean), James Gant (u/s Javert), Na-Young Jeon (Fantine), Carrie Hope Fletcher (Eponine), Samantha Dorsey (Cosette), Anton Zetterholm (Enjolras), Rob Houchen (Marius).

Shaky sometimes and a few blackouts, 3 minutes blackout during Red & Black. But otherwise good quality.

Les Miserables
West End/England - September 19, 2013

Daniel Koek (Jean Valjean), Javert (James Gant), Na-Young Jeon (Fantine), Carrie Hope Fletcher (Eponine), Samantha Dorsey (Cosette), Rob Houchen (Marius), Anton Zetterholm (Enjolras).

A lavish 16:9 HD capture of the new Les Mis cast. Shot from the front row of the Dress Circle with extreme close ups and zooms.  Video is slightly centered on Anton Zetterholm in the ensemble numbers

Les Miserables - Directorstape
Valencia/Spain – December 21, 2013

Nicolas Martinelli (u/s Jean Valjean), Ignasi Vidal (Javert).

First time the Princesa Sofia opened its doors for a show, not an opera. If anyone has more info.
Directorstape, no zoom but soundboard audio

Les Miserables - MPG - extended highlights
Toronto/Canada - November 30, 2013

Ramin Karimloo (Valjean), Andrew Love (u/s Javert), Genevieve Leclerc (Fantine), Melissa O'Neil (Eponine), Perry Sherman (Marius), Andreane Bouladier (u/s Cosette), Mark Uhre (Enjolras), Cliff Saunders (Thenardier), Lisa Horner (Mme Thenardier), John Rapson (Grantaire/u/s Bishop)

B/B+ ,  1 hour and a half in length, act one is highlights, act 2 starts with Marius's letter but after that is complete. Great performances by the main cast and understudies. Heads in the shots, mostly on the left side, and some washout in the brighter scenes. Mostly full stage shots and mid shots, minimal close ups. Blurry at some points. Quality of filming gets better in act 2.

Les Miserables
West End/England - December 17, 2013

Daniel Koek (Jean Valjean), Tam Mutu (Javert), Na-Young Jeon (Fantine), Carrie Hope Fletcher (Eponine), Samantha Dorsey (Cosette), Anton Zetterholm (Enjolras), Dougie Carter (u/s Marius), Carl Mullaney (u/s Grantaire).

Les Miserables
West End/England - December 18, 2013

Daniel Koek (Jean Valjean), Tam Mutu (Javert), Na-Young Jeon (Fantine), Carrie Hope Fletcher (Eponine), Samantha Dorsey (Cosette), Anton Zetterholm (Enjolras), Rob Houchen (Marius), Adam Linstead (Thenardier).

Les Miserables - Highlights first preview - Limited trade
Broadway/America - March 1, 2014

Ramin Karimloo (Valjean), Will Swenson (Javert), Caissie Levy (Fantine), Cliff Saunders (Thenardier), Keala Settle (M. Thenardier), Andy Mientus (Marius), Samantha Hill (Cosette), Nikki M. James (Eponine), Kyle Scatliffe (Enjolras), John Rapson (Grantaire), Jason Forbach (Feuilly), Angeli Negron (Little Cosette), Gaten Matarazzo (Gavroche).

Blind shot, no zooms but the master is pretty close to the stage! The actors exit the stage right by the master so there's cool shots when some actors exit the stage as well as audio. Grainy but sharp video. First Preview! Keala Settle sprained her ankle at some point between the Robbery and One Day More, resulting in her not being present for One Day More, and her using a cane during Wedding Chorale/Beggars At The Feast

Les Miserables - Limited trade
Broadway/America - March 8, 2014

Ramin Karimloo (Jean Valjean), Will Swenson (Javert), Caissie Levy (Fantine), Nikki M. James (Eponine), Cliff Saunders (Thénardier), Keala Settle (madame Thénardier), Samantha Hill (Cosette), Andy Mientus (Marius), Kyle Scatliffe (Enjolras), Angeli Negron (Little Cosette/Young Eponine).

Beautiful HD capture of the is beautiful Revival. The cast was sensational and gave impeccable performances. Audience was full of excitement and too many excellent performances to single out! Also the Last 20 seconds are missing from the very end, battery ran out and by time switched it was over.

Les Miserables - MP4
Broadway/America -  March 29, 2014   

Ramin Karimloo (Valjean), Will Swenson (Javert), Caissie Levy (Fantine), Cliff Saunders (Thenardier), Keala Settle (M. Thenardier), Andy Mientus (Marius), Samantha Hill (Cosette), Nikki M. James (Eponine), Kyle Scatliffe (Enjolras), John Rapson (Grantaire), Angeli Negron (Little Cosette), Joshua Colley (Gavroche), Ben Gunderson (swing Joly).

Les Miserables
Broadway/America - May 13, 2014

Nathaniel Hackmann (Valjean u/s), Will Swenson (Javert), Caissie Levy (Fantine), Cliff Saunders (Thenardier), Keala Settle (M. Thenardier), Andy Mientus (Marius), Samantha Hill (Cosette), Nikki M. James (Eponine), Kyle Scatliffe (Enjolras), John Rapson (Grantaire), Joshua Colley (Gavroche), Adam Monley, Jason Forbach

Mic seems a little overwhelmed

Les Miserables
Broadway/America - May 17, 2014

Aaron Walpole*, Will Swenson, Caissie Levy, Andy Mientus, Nikki M. James, Samantha Hill, Kyle Scatliffe, Cliff Saunders, Keala Settle, Joshua Colley, John Brink as Brujon

Well-filmed with minimal obstructions, great ensemble, a few close-ups, Walpole gets an appreciative applause after "Bring Him Home"

Les Misérables - Cast Change
Londen/England - June 14, 2014

Daniel Koek (Jean Valjean), James Gant (Javert), Na-Young Jeon (Fantine), Carrie Hope Fletcher (Eponine), Samantha Dorsey (Cosette), Rob Houchen (Marius), Anton Zetterholm (Enjolras).

Cast Change for most of the cast

Les Miserables - m4v
La Mirada /America - June 22, 2014

James Barbour, Randall Dodge, Cassandra Murphy, Kimberly Hessler, Nathaniel Irvin, Anthony Fedorov, Valerie Rose Curiel, Jeff Skowron, Meeghan Holaway, Jude Mason, Michael Stone Forrest, Emilnny: Robert Ramirez; Daniela: Chala Savino; Carla: Anna Gabrielle Gonzalez; Graffiti Pete: Jose-Luis Lopez; Piragua Guy: Jonathan Arana; Ensemble: Marcos Aguirre, Risa Baeza, John Paul Batista, Charlotte Chau-Pech, Ariella Fiore, Javier Garcia, Natalie Iscovich, Andrew Retland, Tiago, Shaun Tuazon, Elizabeth Maria Walsh 

Heads at the bottom and sides that block the actors legs at the front of the stage, particularly on the left but worked out well and all the action can be seen, no black outs, no washout and steady video, includes curtain call, James' farewell speech and playbill scan.

Les Misérables 
Dallas/America - Augus 2, 2014 matinee

Nehal Joshi (Valjean), Edward Watts (Javert), Allison Blackwell (Fantine), Justin Keyes (Marius), Dorcas Leung (Cosette), Elizabeth Judd (Eponine), John Campione (Eponine), Steven Michael Walters (Thenardier), Christia Mantzke (Madame Thenardier), Spencer Sloan (Gavroche), Hassan El-Amin (Bishop), Jemma Kosanke (Little Cosette), Abby Chapman (Young Eponine)

Very strange to see the staging

Les miserables - MP4 - extended highlights
Dallas/America - Augus 5, 2014

Nehal Joshi - Jean Valjean, Edward Watts - Javert, Allison Blackwell - Fantine, Christia Mantzke - Madame Thénardier, Steven Michael Walters - Thénardier, Justin Keyes - Marius, Dorcas Leung - Cosette, Elizabeth Judd - Éponine, John Campione - Enjolras, Little Cosette - Salma Salinas, Young Eponine - Libby Roy, Gavroche - Mark Hancock, Hassan El-Amin - Bishop, Fauchelevent, Laura Lites, Seth Womack - Combeferre, Brandon Michael Nase - Feuilly, Christopher J. Deaton - Courfeyrac, Kyle Anderson - Joly, Alex Organ - Grantaire, Daniel Duque-Estrada - Jean Prouvaire, Jonathan Bragg - Lesgles (?), Foreman, Ensemble: Feleceia Benton, Lillian Andrea de Leon, Traci Lee, Morgan Mabry Mason, Christie Vela

MP4; 8,73 GB 2 hours of highlights,  shot blind with no zooms; grainy but sharp quality

Les Miserables
Broadway/America -  August 21, 2014

Nathaniel Hackmann (u/s Jean Valjean, Earl Carpenter (Javert), Caissie Levy (Fantine),Andy Mientus (Marius), Samantha Hill (Cosette), Nikki M James (Eponine), Kyle Scatliffe (Enjolras), Cliff Saunders (Thenardier), Keala Settle (Madame Thernadier), Joshua Colley (Gavroche), Adam Monley (Bishop), Mia Sinclair Jenness (Little Cosette), Angeli Negron (Litte Eponine).

Les Misérables - MP4
London/England - July 9, 2015

Peter Lockyer (Jean Vajlean), Jeremy Secomb (Javert), Rachelle Ann Go (Fantine), Rob Houchen (Marius), Carrie Hope-Fletcher (Éponine), Zoe Doano (Cosette), Bradley Jaden (Enjolras), Katy Secombe (Madame Thénardier), Phil Daniels (Thénardier)

Original MP4 format, Act Two ends after Valjean releases Javert at the Barricade, filmed from ridiculously near the stage so you can see (and hear!) all the lovely interactions, spotlight washout, camera veers away a lot in the barricade scenes

Les Miserables -  Minimal highlights only - Kyle's first performance as Valjean  - MP4
Broadway/America - July 23, 2015

Kyle Jean-Baptiste (u/s Jean Valjean), Erika Henningsen (Fantine), Chris McCarrell (Marius), Samantha Hill (Cosette), Brennyn Lark (Eponine)

 Includes Valjean’s Soliloquy, Bring Him Home, & Finale. Kyle's first performance as Valjean. Rare video.

Les Miserables - Highlights only - MP4
Broadway/America - August 5, 2015

Kyle Jean-Baptiste (u/s Jean Valjean), Erika Henningsen (Fantine), Chris McCarrell (Marius), Samantha Hill (Cosette), Brennyn Lark (Eponine)

 Includes On My Own, Bring Him Home, Empty Chairs, and Finale. Shot vertically

Les Miserables - 30th anniversary gala performance - MP4
West End/England - October 8, 2015

Peter Lockyer (Jean Valjean), Jeremy Secombe (Javert), Rachelle Ann Go(Fantine), Phil Daniels (Thenardier), Katy Secombe (Madame Thenardier), Rob Houchen (Marius), Carrie Hope Fletcher (Eponine), Zoe Doano (Cosette), Bradley Jaden (Enjolras)

Proshot from the encore after the show itself. 30th anniversary gala performance. Guests: Colm Wilkinson, Geronimo Rauch, John Owen Jones, Frances Ruffelle, Patti LuPone, Roger Allam and others.

Les Miserables
Broadway/America - June 15, 2016

John Owen-Jones (Jean Valjean), Hayden Tee (Javert), Alison Luff (Fantine), Chris McCarrell (Marius), Alex Finke (Cosette), Brennyn Lark (Eponine), Mark Uhre (Enjolras), David Rossmer (Thénardier), Rachel Izen (Madame Thénardier), Marcus D’Angelo (Gavroche), Eleanor Koski (Young Cosette), Mia Sinclair Jenness (Young Eponine).

The first 30 minutes of the show are missing; the video starts toward the end of Fantine’s Arrest. After that, the show is fully captured with no blackouts. There is some minor head obstruction on the left, but it really only affects a few seconds of the show when Valjean cuts Javert loose after The First Attack. There is also a little more washout than in most of my videos, especially in the full stage shots. It’s filmed in 16:9, with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. The sound is excellent. Includes curtain call and playbill scans

Les Miserables - MOV
US Tour (Providence)/America - September 2017

Nick Cartell (Jean Valjean), Josh Davis (Javert), Melissa Mitchell (Fantine), Joshua Grosso (Marius), Jillian Butler (Cosette), Phoenix Best (Eponine), Matt Shingledecker (Enjolras), J Anthony Crane (Thenardier), Allison Guinn (Madame Thenardier), Matt Moisey (Grantaire), Jordan Cole (Gavroche), Sophie Knapp (Young Cosette)