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Hairspray -  Subs Practice Video - Pit Cam
Broadway/America - 2002

Featuring the OBC. Full show songs and background music, shot from Inside the pit. Meant for understudies and replacement actors to study for their roles in the show.

Broadway/America - June 22, 2002

Lauren Zakrin (u/s Elle), Nick Dalton (u/s Warner), D.B. Bonds, Natalie Joy Johnson, Ken Land, Megan Lewis, Coleen Sexton, Rhiannon Hansen

Broadway/America - July 29, 2002

Marissa Jaret Winokur (Tracy), Harvey Fierstein (Edna), Mattthew Morrison (Link), Laura Bell Bundy (Amber), Kerry Butler (Penny).

Nicely filmed, no obstruction

Broadway/America - August 31, 2002

Marissa Janet Winokur, Harvey Fierstein, Mattthew Morrison, Laura Bell Bundy, Kerry Butler, Linda Hart, Dick Latessa, Corey Reynolds, Clarke Thorell, Mary Bond Davis

A lot of heads in the way

Broadway/America - October 9, 2002

Marissa Winokur (Tracy), Harvey Fierstien (Edna), Matthew Morrison (Link), Linda Hart (Velma), Laura Bell Bundy (Amber), Kerry Butler (Penny), Corey Reynolds (Seaweed), Dick Latessa (Wilbur), Mary Bond Davis (Motormouth), Jackie Hoffman (Prudy), Peter Matthew Smith (Corny u/s)

Starts in the middle of Nicest Kids in Town.

Broadway/America - November 5, 2003

Kathy Brier (Tracy), Harvey Fierstein (Edna), Barbara Walsh (Velma), Mary Bond Davis (Maybelle), Clarke Thorell (Corny), Chester Gregory (Seaweed), Traci Jai Edwards (Amber), Matt Morrison (Link), Dick Latessa (Wilbur), Jenn Gambatese (Penny), Jackie Hoffman (Prudy)

Hairspray - Act 2 highlights - Avi
Philadelphia (Tour)/America - September 4, 2005 

Keala Settle, JP Dougherty, Jim J. Bullock, Serge Kushnier, Jane Blass (u/s), Charlotte Crossley, Chandra Lee Schwartz, Alan Mingo Jr, Worth Williams. 

Includes Act 2 only.

Chicago (Tour)/America - December 13, 2005

Keala Settle (Tracy), Melissa Larsen (Penny u/s), Tara Macri

Broadway/America - January 31, 2006

Michelle Dowdy (Tracy u/s), John Pinette (Edna), Leah Hocking (Velma), Darlene Love (Maybelle), Becky Gulsvig (Amber), Tracy Miller (Penny), Tevin Campbell (Seaweed), Andrew Rannells (Link), Michael Cunio (Corny u/s), Stephan DeRosa (Wilbur), Julie Halston (Prudy)

Rockford (Tour)/America - September 27, 2006

Brooklynn Pulver (Tracy), Jerry O'Boyle (Edna), Yvette Clarke\(Maybelle), Happy McPartlin (Velma), Pearl Thomas (Amber), Alysa Malgeri (Penny), Constantine Rousouli (Link), Christian White  (Seaweed), Jarret Mallon (Corny), Dan Ferretti (Wilbur)

Broadway/America - November 25, 2006

Shannon Durig, Blake Hammond, Diana De Garmo, Stephen De Rosa, Darlene Love, Dave Campbell, Lisa Jolley, Jonathan Dokuchits, Isabel Keating, Tara Macri, Kevin Meaney, Naturi Naughton, Aaron Tveit

Good capture, much zoom. Dubble DVD

Broadway/America - March 25, 2007

Michelle Dowdy (Tracy), Paul Vogt (Edna), Susan Mosher(Velma u/s), Darlene Love (Maybelle), Tevin Campbell (Seaweed), Alexa Vega (Penny), Ashley Parker Angel (Link), Hayley Podschun (Amber u/s), Jere Burns(Wilbur) Leslie McDonel, (Prudy u/s), Jonathan Dukuchitz (Corny)

Hairspray - avi
Wichita (Tour)/America - August 4, 2007

Annie Funke, Blake Hammond, Ray DeMattis, Todd DuBail, Altamiece Ballard, Stephanie Martignetti, Alex Stoll, Christi Moore-Leslie, Deanna Glover, Robert Hartwell.

West End/England - October 16, 2007

Michael Ball (Edna Turnblad), Leanne Jones (Tracy), Ben James-Ellis (Link), Mel Smith (Wilbur Turnblad), Tracie Bennet (Velma), Elinor collett (Penny), Johnnie Fiori (Motormoth), Adrian Hansel (Seaweed), Paul Manual (Corny)

Good video and audio quality. There are a few instances where the lens is hidden for a few moments - nearly always during the applause. Some heads and the dress circle railing in some parts. However, this is compensated by crisp colours and audio. Also features amazing close ups of the cast. Easily one of the best Hairspray recordings.

Broadway/America - December 16, 2007

Shannon Durig (Tracy), George Wendt (Edna), Gretchen Bieber (Velma u/s), Terita R. Redd (Maybelle u/s), Ashley Parker Angel (Link), Tevin Campbell (Seaweed), Lance Bass (Corny), Ashley Spencer (Amber), Tom Rooney (Wilbur), Hayley Podschun (Penny u/s), Susan Mosher (Prudy)

Thousand Oaks (Tour)/America - February 1, 2008

Brooklynn Pulver (Tracy), Jerry O'Boyle (Edna), Angela Birchett (Maybelle), Kristin Stewart (Velma) Constantine Rousouli (Link), Jarret Mallon (Corny), Donnell Foreman (Seaweed), Sharon Malane (Penny), Dan Ferretti (Wilbur), Arjana Andris (Prudy)

Hairspray - Highlights
Broadway/America - July 11, 2008 

Marissa Perry (Tracy), George Wendt (Edna), Jenifer Lewis (Maybelle), Karen Mason (Velma), Tevin Campbell (Seaweed), Ashley Parker Angel (Link), Leslie Goddard (Penny u/s), Ashley Spencer (Amber), Clarke Thorell (Corny), Susan Mosher (Prudy), Kevin Meaney (Spritzer)

All of Good Morning Baltimore, Part 1 of Nicest Kids,then starts again in the middle of Mama im a big girl now and is complete till after Tracy gets on the show, Then cuts to Welcome to the sixties Till the beginning of Dodgeball than cuts to Inez's part in Run and tell that and is complete till the first half of Big,Blonde and Beautiful when Edna Joins in. Act 2 is complete till Timeless to me.

Hairspray - Highlights
Philadelphia/America - November 19, 2008

Amy Toporek (Tracy Turnblad), Michael Walker (Edna Turnblad), Josh Young (Link), Kate Fahrner (Amber Von Tussle), Joilet F. Harris (Motormouth), Liz Kimball (Penny), Denise Whelan (Velma Von Tussle), Neil Totton (Seaweed).

Broadway/America - January 3, 2009

Marissa Janet Winokur, Harvey Fierstein, Clarke Thorell, Constantine Rousouli, Kate Loprest, Niki Scalera, Tevin Campbell, Charlotte Crossley, Susan Mosher, Melissa VanPelt, Karen Mason, Ken Marks

Hairspray - NFT
UK Tour/England - 2010

Brian Conley, Les Dennis, Laurie Scarth, Liam Doyle, Gillian Kirkpatrick, Danny Bayne

Hairspray - Limited trade
São Paulo/Brazil - 2010

Simone Gutierrez (Tracy Turnblad), Edson Celulari (Edna Turnblad), Arlete Salles (Velma Von Tussle), Heloísa de Palma (Penny Pingleton), Danielle Winits (Amber Von Tussle), Jonatas Faro (Link Larkin), Tiago Abravanel (Mr. Pinky),  Edgar Bustamente (Wilbur Turnblad), Bené Monteiro (Seaweed), Graça Cunha (Maybelle Motormouth), Ivana Domenico (Prudy Pingleton), Jenniffer Nascimento (Pequena Inês),  Corina Sabbas (Dinamite), Maria Bia Martins (Dinamite) e Karin Hills (Dinamite).

Incredible footage and awesome editing. A+ Multicam ProShot

Cologne/Germany - March 20, 2010

Uwe Ochsenknecht (Edna), Jessica Jäde (U/S Tracy), Martin Berger (Wilbur), Nicole Berendsen (Velma), Leoni Oeffinger (U/S Amber), Rob Fowler (Corny), Leila Vallio (U/S Penny), Michael Heller (U/S Link), Amber Schoop (U/S Maybelle), Julius Williams (U/S Seaweed J Stubbs), Denise Obedekah (Inez), Sarah Schütz (Prudy.)

Great Capture of this german production. A few cover ups but nothing too bad, great zooms and wides. Understudy night. 

Cologne /Germany - April 8, 2010

Jessica Jäde (Tracy Turnblad), Tetje Mierendorf (Edna Turnblad), Martin Berger (Wilbur Turnblad), Nicole Berendsen (Velma von Tussle), Tineke Ogink(Amber von Tussle), Michael Ernst (U/S Corny Collins), Jana Stelley (Penny Pingleton), Daniel Berini (Link Larkin), Deborah Woodson (Motormouth Maybelle), Tedros Teclebrhan (Seaweed J. Stubbs), Denise Obedekah (Inez), Eric Minsk (Mr. Spritzer/Mr. Pinky)

Some spotlight washout, but overall good quality!

Orange County (Tour)/America - April 11, 2010

Danielle Arci (Tracy), Greg London (Edna), Ryan Rubeck (Link), Collen Kazemek (Velma), Erin Sullivan (Amber), Amber Rees (Penny), Richard Crandle (Seaweed), Benjamin McHugh (Corny), Debra Thais Evans (Motormouth), Jorie Janeway (Prudy), Mark Harmon (Wilbur)

Cologne/Germany - May 2, 2010

Uwe Ochsenknecht (Edna), Maite Kelly (Tracy), Martin Berger (Wilbur), Nicole Berendsen (Velma), Tineke Ogink (Amber), Rob Fowler (Corny Collins), Jana Stelley (Penny), Daniel Berini (Link), Julia Davine (Motormouth Maybelle), Tedros Teclebrhan (Seaweed J. Stubbs), Denise Obedekah (Inez), Sarah Schütz (Prudy), Eric Minsk (Mr. Spritzer/Mr. Pinky)

Picture: 7/10, Sound: 8/10, Double DVD

Cologne/Germany - September 24, 2010

Tetje Mierendorf (Edna), Maite Kelly (Tracy), Leon van Leeuwenberg (Wilbur), Nicole Berendsen (Velma), Tineke Ogink (Amber von Tussle), Lars Redlich (u/s Corny), Marleen de Vries (u/s Penny), Daniel Berini (Link), Deborah Woodson (Motormouth)

HD Capture with wides and mediums, fourth video from master. Lars Redlich understudies for corny and Marleen de Vries for penny. 

UK Tour/England - February 2011

Laurie Scarth (Tracy), Michael Starke (Edna), Micky Dolenz (Wilbur)

Hairspray - MP4
Oakland (NJ)/America - February 6, 2011

Melissa Tepperman (Tracy) Matthew Reher (Corny) Sarah Pearson (Velma) Mary Lamb (Amber) Bruce Curless (Edna) Denise Augustyn (Penny) Paul Weagraff (Wilbur) Kyrus Westcott (Seaweed) Tania Granger (Motormouth) Chad Parsons (Link) Janet Wilkie (Prudy).

Hairspray - PiP
New Jersey/America - July 2011

Melanie Porras, Richard Colonna, Michael Fernandes, Amanda Braun, Emily Phillips, Lyle Dungee, Eric Harper, Jonathan Fishman, Mimi Francis, Cindy Chalt, Amber Palmer.

Hairspray - m4v
Springfield (Springfield Municipal Opera), IL/America - July 24, 2011

Aimee Jarzembowski, Jesse Trieger, Brett Rutherford, Jeremy Goeckner, Katie Ford, Reggie Guyton, Heidi Dillon, Deb Rudis, Al Scheider, Hailey McNamara

Single cam pro shot

Hairspray - Hollywood bowl - Limited trades
Los Angeles/America -  August 6, 2011

Harvey Fierstein (Edna) Marissa Jaret Winokur (Tracy) Darlene Love (Motormouth) Susan Anton (Velma) John Stamos (Corny) Drew Carey (Wilbur) Diana DeGarmo (Penny) Corbin Bleu (Seaweed) Nick Jonas (Link) Tara Macri (Amber) Mo Gaffney (Prudy) Michael McDonald (Spritzer) Chyka Jackson (Inez)

Hairspray - Limited trade
Tecklenburg/Germany - August 10, 2012

Ilse La Monaca (Tracy Turnblad) Andreas Lichtenberger (Edna Turnblad)Nicky Wuchinger (Link Larkin) Mathias Schlung (Wilbur Turnblad)Kerstin Marie Mäkelburg (Velma von Tussle)Jana Stelley (Penny Pingleton) Michael Ernst(Corny Collins)Amanda Whitford ( Motormouth Maybelle)Maja Sikora (Amber von Tussle)Gino Emnes(Seaweed J. Stubbs) Walesca Frank (Inez)Erik Minsk (Mr. Pinky / Mr. Spritzer u.A)Anne Welte (Prudy Pingleton u.A.)

-PRO SHOT with many different angles-Perfect!

Hairspray - Live - MP4
America - December 7, 2016

Maddie Baillio; Tracy Turnblad, Dove Cameron; Amber von Tussle, Kristin Chenoweth; Velma von Tussle, Garrett Clayton; Link Larkin, Billy Eichner; Rob Barker,  Harvey Fierstein; Edna Turnblad, Sean Hayes; Mr. Pinky, Ariana Grande; Penny Pingleton,  Derek Hough; Corny Collins, Jennifer Hudson; Motormouth Maybelle, Shahadi Wright Joseph; Little Inez, Andrea Martin; Prudy Pingleton, Rosie O'Donnell; Health Ed Teacher,  Ephraim Sykes; Seeweed J. Stubbs, Martin Short; Wilbur Turnblad

Live recording for NBC

Hamburg/Germany - April 22, 2018

Beatrice Reece (Tracy Turnblad), Uwe Kröger (Edna Turnblad), Isabel Varell (Velma von Tussle), Claudius Freyer (Wilbur von Tussle), Devi-Ananda Dahm (Penny Pingleton), Janko Danailov (Corny Collins), Krisha Dalke (Link Larkin), Maja Sikora (Amber von Tussle), Monica Lewis-Schmidt (Motormouth Mable), RICCARDO HAERRI (Seaweed J. Stubbs), Chiara Fuhrmann (Little Inez / Dynamite Girl), Frank Brunet (Harriman F. Spitzer/Mr. Pinky/Direktor), Angela Hunkeler (Prudy Pingleton/Sportlehrerin/Aufseherin), Rebecca Stahlhut, Jahlisa Nikitser, Mickey Junior Ayer, Kai Braithwaite, Sarah Kornfeld, Silvana Schollmeyer, Lukas Schwedeck, Lysanne van der Sijs, Nigel Watson, Thomas Zigon, David Mendez, Kirsty McDonald