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Evita - MP4
Broadway/America – 1980

Patti LuPone (Eva), Mandy Patinkin (Che), Bob Gunton (Peron), Mark Syers (Magaldi), Jane Ohringer (Peron's mistress)

Antwerp/Belgium - 1987

Vera Mann, Bill van Dijk, Marijn Devalck, David Davidse, Wanda Joosten

PrO-SHOT, with some generation loss. Good quality (especially for it's age). There's a "buzzing sound" throughout the show, but the dvd is very watchable. There are some lovely close-ups. DVD (B+/A-)

Amsterdam/The Netherlands - 1995 (also known as May 22, 1996)

Pia Douwes, Bill van Dijk, Jeroen Phaff, Frans Limburg, Marleen van der Loo

The Netherlands - 1995 (also known as 1997 or maybe even May 22, 1996)

Pia Douwes, Bill van Dijk, Jeroen Phaff, Marleen van der Loo

Profesional recording, some generation loss

Amsterdam/The Netherlands - 1996

Pia Douwes, Bill van Dijk, Ben Cramer, Frans Limburg, Marleen van der Loo

Act 1 starts in half of song "Requiem for Evita"

Evita - Directorstape
Eindhoven/The Netherlands - August 31, 1996

Doris Baaten, Frans Limburg, Ben Cramer, Benno Hoogveld, Marleen van der Loo

Act 1 starts in half of song "Requiem for Evita"

Tilburg/The Netherlands - December 13, 1996

Doris BaatenFrans LimburgBen CramerBenno Hoogveld, Marleen van der Loo

Drachten/The Netherlands - January 3, 1997

Doris Baaten, Bill van Dijk, Ben Cramer, Frans Limburg, Marleen van der Loo 

PRO-SHOT. New copy, with less generation loss. DVD (B+/A-)

Baden/Germany - 2006

Maya Hakvoort, Boris Pfeifer, Reinwald Kranner, Bettina Reifschneider, Franziska Stanner, Dessislava Valeva-Philipova, Franz Csencsits, Michael Fischer, Ruben Gabira, Thomas Huber, Christian Joanidis, Stefan Konrad, Alexander Riff, Christoph Sommersguter, Walter Schwab, Gianpiero Tiranzoni, Max Volt, Christian Zmek

Pro shot

London/England - May 26, 2007

Elena Roger (Eva), Matt Rawle (Che), Phillip Quast (Peron), Greg Castiglioni (Magaldi) and Lorna Want (Peron’s lover)

Evita - Highlights
The Netherlands - 2008

Evita - Marjolein Teepen (alt.),  Ché - Stanley Burleson, Péron - Roberto De Groot, Maîtresse - Loes Worm (und.), Magaldi - Paul Walthaus

Some scénes are not included; in totaly 1h 28min

Evita - Highlights
Almere/The Netherlands - January 12, 2008

Brigitte Heitzer, Stanley Burleson en Roberto de Groot 

Lovely remake and cast, only terrible quality highlight unfortuately. Mostly zoomed into the wrong places and lots of obstructions

Sacramento (CA)/America - August 17, 2008

Julia Murney (Evita), Eric Kunze (Che), Scott Blanks (Peron), Philip Michael Baskerville (Magaldi/Ensemble), Kari Yancy (Peron's mistress/ensemble)

Beautiful shot

Tecklenburg/Germany - 2009

Anna Montanaro (Eva), Yngve Gasoy Romdal (Che), Marc Clear (Peron), Adrian Becker(Magaldi), Jana Stelley (Mistress)

Tecklenburg/Germany - August 1, 2009

Anna Montanaro (Eva), Yngve Gasoy Romdal (Che), Marc Clear (Peron), Adrian Becker(Magaldi), Jana Stelley (Mistress) 

    Multicam Proshot

    UK Tour/England - September 17, 2009

    Rachael Wooding (Eva Peron), Seamus Cullen (Che), Mark Heenehan (Juan Peron), James Waud (Magaldi), Carly Bawden (Peron's Mistress)

    Bit of shaky capture

    Hof/Germany - 2010

    Stefanie Rhaue, Chris Murray, Thilo Andersson, Karsten Jesgarz, Peer Schüssler

    Madgeburg/Germany - June 12, 2010

    Simone Geyer (Evita), Drew Sarich (Che), Ethan Freeman (Peron)

    UK Tour/England - September 11, 2010

    Natalie Langston (Eva alternate), Mark Powell, Mark Heenehan, Abigail Matthews, Nic Gibney

    Evita - Highlights
    Neustrelitz/Germany - 2012

    Katja Berg, Chris Murray, Robert Merwald, Karsten Jesgarz,-

    Broadway/America -  March 14, 2012

    Elena Roger, Ricky Martin, Michael Cerveris, Max von Essen, Rachel Potter, Maya Jade Frank. 

    Great Capture of the due Broadway transfer from London. A lavish and well executed Evita that was due for a date with Broadway

    Broadway/America - August 13, 2012

    Christina DeCicco (alt. Eva), Michael Cerveris, Ricky Martin, Max Von Essen, Rachel Potter

    Broadway/America - August 15, 2012

    Jessica Lea Patty as (u/s Eva), Ricky Martin, Michael Cerveris, Max von Essen, Rachel Potter

    Beautiful Capture!

    Chicago (Illinois)/America - September 22, 2013

    Caroline Bowman, Josh Young, Christopher Johnstone, Sean MacLaughlin, Krystina Alabado.

    Beautiful HD capture with no obstructions. Josh and Caroline do a great job as Che and Eva. A solid tour, great performances and production value! A+

    Costa Mesa (CA)/America - December 14, 2013

    Caroline Bowman (Eva), John Riddle (Che u/s), Sean MacLaughlin (Peron), Krystina Alabado (Mistress), Christopher Johnstone (Magaldi), ensemble: Ryan K Bailer, Nicholas Benton, Jessica Bishop, Ronald L Brown, Holly Ann Butler, Diana DiMarzio, Samantha Farrow

    First part is missing completely, no video or audio, capture starts at the beginning of "Eva, Beware of the City".

    Evita - Limited trade
    Wiesbaden/Germany - March 2, 2014

    Milica Jovanovic (Evita), Thomas Christ (Che), Peter Bording (Perón), Philippe Ducloux (Magaldi), Ágnes Szalai (Mistress), Jasmin Herrera (Kleine Eva), Petra Urban/ Felicitas Geipel/ Katrin Gietl/ Philipp Georgopoulos (Evitas Family), Giorgio Martin (Admiral)

    Almost steady head-obstructions and from time to time a bit shaky, but overall a good capture with nice close-ups

    Hamilton (Ontario)/Canada - May 2014

    Mariah Loaker, Eric Charters, Matt Moore, Dustin Jodway, Melissa Todd.

    Pro Shot, seems like an amateur recording

    Shanklin/England - April 2015

    Harley Mackness; Eva, Brad Barnley; Che, Steve Jones; Peron, Cliff Dutton; Magaldi, Kate Askins; Mistress

    A single cam proshot for the Island Savoyards, Shanklin Theatre.

    Evita - Limited trade
    Nashville (TN)/America - September 13, 2016

    Eden Espinosa, Ben Crawford, Anthony Crivello, Rene Millan, Mia Rose Lynne. 

    Excellent HD capture of the new production by Studio Tenn & TPAC. This was a huge show with a very large cast. Some terrific staging moments and of course Eden did a fantastic job as Eva, beautiful production! A

    Thousand Oaks (CA)/America - October 23, 2016

    Cassandra Murphy, Marc Ginsburg, David Kirk Grant, Bill Ledesma, Isa Briones, Elizabeth Adabale, Liz Bustle, Fernando Christopher, Eduardo Giancarlo, Augusto Guardado, Veronica Gutierrez, Timothy Joshua Herl, Jackson Hinden, Katie Hume, Brandon Taylor Jones, Bill Ledesma, Lyrissa Leininger, Janelle Lillian, Sarah marie Maher, Drew Mizell, Alastair James Murden, Tracy Ray Reynolds, Joshua Rivera, Jacqueline Elyse Rosenthal, Katherine Steele, Kendyl Yokoyama. 

    Emotional performances from the whole cast, and a great overall production with wonderful sets, costumes, and choreography. A perfect capture with no washout, no obstruction, and no blackouts. It’s filmed in 16:9, with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. The sound is excellent. Includes curtain call and playbill scans. A+