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Chicago - press-reel
Broadway/America - 1996 

Bebe Neuwirth (Velma), Ann Reinking (Roxie), James Naughton (Billy), Joel Grey (Amos)

The pro-shot video that was used to make the reviewers reel; excellent quality with the time code bar at the bottom. Missing a bit at the end.

Utrecht (Beatrix theater)/The Netherlands - 1999

Simone Kleinsma, Pia Douwes, Stanley Burleson, Serge-Henri Valcke, Sophia Wezer, Marjolein Touw

Professional recording from the complete show. Double DVD

Chicago - Limited trade
Utrecht (Beatriz Theater)/The Netherlands - 1999

Pia Douwes, Ellen Ever (US), Stanley Burleson, Serge Henry Valke

Good capture; multicam proshot. One camera is centre stage, think row 2, the other is on the left balcony.

Utrecht (Beatrix theater)/The Netherlands - 1999

Pia Douwes, Simone Kleinsma, Tony Neef, Maryolijn Touw, Serge-Henri Falke, P.Rombouts

Professionally filmed with one camera & zoom.

London/England - June 13, 2001

Leigh Zimmerman (Velma Kelly), Denise Van Outen (Roxie Hart), Michael Simkins (Billy Flynn), Barry James (Amos Hart), Susannah Fellows (Mama Morton), Gary Milner (Fred Casely)

London/England - August 14, 2003

Ruthie Henshall (Velma), Linzi Hately (Roxie), Norman Pace, Zee Asha (Mama)

Full show, bootleg. Some heads in the way

Broadway/America - May 10, 2004

Pia Douwes, Belle Callaway, Roz Ryan, Tom Wopat, PJ Benjamin, D. Sabella

Quality A- without smalls

US Tour (Chicago)/America - November 23, 2005

Paige Davis (Roxie), Brenda Braxton (Velma), Tom Wopat (Billy Flynn), Carol Woods (Mama Morton), Kevin Carolan (Amos)

Milwaukee/America - May 12, 2007

Terra C. MacLeod, Michelle DeJean, Kevin Mccready, Carol Woods, Tom Wopat, R. Bean

West End/England - March  27, 2008

Pia Douwes, Frances Ruffelle, Alex Bourne, Zee Asha. A

Good quality. Great close-ups. Some head obstructions. Starts in the Middle of All That Jazz. Curtain calls not included.

Spain - 2010

Natalia Millán (Velma Kelly), Marcela Paoli (Roxie Hart), Manuel Bandera (Billy Flynn), Fedor de Pablos (Amos Hart), Linda Mirabal (Mama Morton), G. Rauch (Miss Sunshine).  

Full show, multicamera pro-shot

St, Petersburg (Theatre of Musical Comedy)/Russia - October 2010

Olga Lozovaya, Natalia Dievskaya, Vladimir Samsonov, Marina Ulanova, Uriy Skorohodov, Vitaliy Golovkin

Full show, bootleg with one camera. Nice staging, but I'm not that fond of the actors

Broadway/America - October 25, 2011

Kara DioGuardi, Amra-Faye Wright, Tony Yazbeck, James Harkness, James T. Lane, Chris Sullivan, Nicole Bridgewater, Carol Woods, R. Lowe

Filmed in 16:9 HD Widescreen, a mezzanine bar at times obstructs the very front of the stage but otherwise very clear. Includes NY1 Interview with Kara DioGuardi.

Broadway/America -  November 18, 2012

Amra-Faye Wright, Amy Spanger, Billy Ray Cyrus, Brian O'Brien, Carol Woods, & Cory English 

All that Jazz is audio only. Otherwise absolutely perfect. No obstructions, amazing clarity, and fantastic camera work! Amy Spanger is a good Roxie and Billy Ray is surprisingly a good Billy Flynn. This is THE Chicago video to get if you are looking for one because the technical quality is nearly perfect.

Chicago - Hollywood Bowl
LA/America - July 26, 2013

Ashlee Simpson, Samantha Barks, Stephen Moyer, Drew Carey, Lucy Lawless, D. Tablak, Brad Anderson, Shamicka Benn-Moser, Alexis Carra, Shawn Emamjomeh, Melissa Emrico, Charissa Hogeland, Chris Holly, Aurore Joly, Ron Kellum, Jessica Perrizo, Mark C. Reis, Adrianne Richards, Randy Slovacek, Sherisse Springer, Leslie Stevens, Kim Taylor, Evelyn Christina Tonn, Leigh Wakeford, Melanie Waldron

Full show, bootleg. Shot from far away, but has little spotlight washout. Great production with a huge ensemble

US Tour (Costa Mesa, CA)/America - 
February 2, 2014

Paige Davis (Roxie Hart), Terra C. MacLeod (Velma Kelly), John O’Hurley (Billy Flynn), Ron Orbach (Amos Hart), Carol Woods (Matron Mama Morton), C. Newcomb (Mary Sunshine)

Beautifully filmed from the balcony, with no blackouts or obstructions.

Chicago - Limited trade
Broadway/America - July 5, 2015

Brandy Norwood, Amra-Faye Wright, Ivan Hernandez, Raymond Bokhour, NaTasha Yvette Williams, R. Lowe

Excellent HD capture of Brandy Norwood joining the cast as Roxie. Everything is nicely captured, a few minor and quick parts to the extreme far right can be blocked a few times.

Chicago - Derniere
Stuttgart/Germany - September 17, 2015

Roxie Hart: Carien Keizer, Velma Kelly: Lana Gordon, "Mamma" Morton: Isabel Dörfler, Mary Sunshine: M.Schäffner(Martin Schäffner), Billy Flynn: Nigel Casey, Amos Hart: Volker Metzger. Damenensemble: Rachel Colley, Zoe Leone Gappy, Fleur Jagt, Kris Siekerman, Giulia Vazzoler, Ellen Wawrzyniak. Herrenensemble: Alan Byland, Josh Donovan, Alex Frei, Philipp Hägeli, Luke Jarvis, Ross McDermott, Timo Muller.

Not always focused/searching for the right vieuw

Broadway/America - June 7, 2016

Donna Marie Asbury  (u/s Velma), Charlotte d' Amboise (Roxy), Jaime Camil (Billy Flynn), Nicole Bridgewater (u/s Mama), Raymond Bokhour (Amos)

Great capture of Jane the Virgin star in the role of Billy. Donna gives a great performance and vocals as Velma! A