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Vienna/Austria - 1988

Uwe Kröger (Conférencier) and Vasiliki Roussi (Sally Bowes)

Broadway/America - June 1988

Joel Grey, Alyson Reed, Regina Resnick,Werner Klemperer, Gregg Edelman.

Filmed on a tripod, excellent quality with nice closeups and sound. A

Israel - 1989

The disc only has the 110 minutes of the show on the 1st DVD due to an unfortunate loss of tape by the theatre. The 2nd DVD comes from a slightly inferior source, and has 21 more minutes, but is still missing the final scene. A very interesting production directed by Jerome Savary, with excellent singing actors and orchestra and the most chilling rendition of the reprise of "Tomorrow Belongs To Me") Very good video and sound with very little generational loss. Includes a 10 minute segment from a talk show which features "Willkommen" and "Cabaret" in a live performance.

The Netherlands - 1989

Willem Nijholt, Alexandra van Marken

B+, filmed quite well altough it sometimes has to many full stage shots. Begins with a pro-shot of Wilkommen, and then switches to a bootleg

Bad Hersfield/Germany - 1995

Pia Douwes (Sally Bowles), Peter Heinrich (Conférencier), Witta Pohl (Fräulein Schneider), Annika Bruhns (Fräulein Kost)

Singlecam professional ProShot with much zoom gefilmt. Clear Image and sound

Vienna/Austria - 1998

Uwe Kröger, Vasiliki Roussi​ 

Broadway/America - June 9, 2000

Joely Fisher, Michael C. Hall, Dick Latessa, Carole Shelley, Michael Hayden, Victoria Clarke

Cabaret - MP4
Broadway/America - November 13, 2001

Gina Gershon, Raul Esparza, Carole Shelley, Larry Keith, Matthew Greer, Peter Benson, Candy Buckley. 

Good video, nice closeups.   A-  

Cabaret - NFT
Amsterdam (Koninklijk Theater Carré)/The Netherlands – 2006

Pia Douwes; Sally Bowles, Anne-Wil Blankers; Fräulein Schneider, Wim van Rooij; Herr Schultz, Wim Bouwens; Ernst Ludwig, Ara Halici; Emcee, Chris Tates; Clifford Bradshaw, Frédérique Sluyterman van Loo; Fräulein Kost

Pro Shot, Carré was transformed into the Kit Kat Klub. Love this Dutch Line-up. A papa Pia recording

London/England - November 4, 2006

Anna Maxwell Martin (Sally Bowles), Michael Hayden (Clifford Bradshaw), James Dreyfus (Emcee), Sheila Hancock (Fraulein Schneider), Geoffrey Hutchings (Herr Schultz), Harriet Thorpe (Fraulein Kost), Andrew Maud (Ernst Ludwig)

Full show, bootleg

UK Tour (Liverpool)/England  - September 27, 2008

Samantha Barks (Sally Bowles), Wayne Sleep (Emcee), Jenny Logan, Matt Zimmerman

Act 1 only and 10 minutes of Act 2

Cabaret - NFT
The Netherlands - February 29, 2009

Ellen Evers (Sally), Sven Ratzke (Emcee), Dick Cohen (Cliff), Johnny Kraaijkamp (Herr Schultz), Pamela Teves (Frau Schneider), Sabine Beens (Fraulein Kost), Martin Stritzko (Ernst Ludwig)


Tel Aviv/Israel - 2011

Weiss Tal, Gilad Shmueli, Roni Shiendorf, Aki Avni, Itay Tiran, Ola Shor-Slekter, Miki Kam, Yagil Gadi, Israel Arnest, Irit Kaplan, Niso Shalev, Noa Godel, Ortal Hayak, Zion Huri, Mona Markovich, Maya Kopchik, Shani Shauli, Nisso Shalev, Ravitz Uri

Interesting production inspired by Sam Mendes version with some scenes interpreted differently; Emcee is especially impressive! Multicam proshot

Broadway/America - March 30 (also known as march 29), 2014

Michelle Williams, Leeds Hill (u/s Emcee), Linda Emond, Danny Burstein, Bill Heck, Aaron Krohn, Gayle Rankin.

Broadway/America - May 3, 2014

Alan Cumming, Michelle Williams, Linda Emond, Danny Burstein, Bill  Heck, Aaron Krohn, Gayle Rankin

Heck, Aaron Krohn, Gayle Rankin. Beautiful HD capture with no obstructions and features the entire Revival Cast. Alan gives a terrific return performance as the Emcee. Gayle and Linda still give such beautiful performances that are wonderful to watch!

Broadway/America - November 2014

Alan Cumming (Emcee), Emma Stone (Sally Bowles), Linda Emond (Fraulein Schneider), Danny Burstein (Herr Schultz), Bill Heck (Clifford Bradshaw)

Emma Stone is a great Sally! Missing the first few seconds of Wilkommen, but otherwise complete. Very steady, focused, and mostly unobstructed. Includes curtain call and Alan’s BCEFA speech.  Lanelle master

Broadway/America - November 20, 2014

Alan Cumming, Emma Stone, Kristie Dale Sanders as (u/s) Fraulein Schneider, Philip Hoffman as (u/s) Herr Shultz, Bill Heck, Aaron Krohn, Gayle Rankin. 

Excellent HD capture of the Revival with Emma joining the cast as Sally. She does a dazzling job in the role and very precise in detail. Lovely performances from Kristie and Philip. Sunsetblvd master

Broadway/America - December 28, 2014 - Evening

Alan Cumming, Emma Stone, Linda Emond, Danny Burstein, Bill Heck, Aaron Krohn,  Hani Furstenberg, Stacey Sipowicz, Kaleigh Cronin, Andrea Goss, Jessica Pariseau, Kristin Olness, Leeds Hill, Dylan Paul, Evan D Siegel, Benjamin Eakeley.

Another great capture of this show. Alan is wonderful as always. Emma has a very different take on the role and makes some interesting choices. This is a very nice capture with just a couple very quick dropouts. There is also one head that leans in occasionally, but it’s generally not noticeable. There is very little washout except in some wider shots. It’s filmed in 16:9, with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. The sound is excellent. Includes curtain call and playbill scans. A

Broadway/America - March 14, 2015

Alan Cumming, Sienna Miller, Linda Emond, Danny Burnstein, Benjamin Eakeley as (u/s) Cliff, Aaron Krohn, Hani Furstenberg.

Beautiful HD capture of Sienna joining the cast as the final Sally Bowles and Hani joining as Kost. Still wonderful and solid performances as the show plays it's final few performances.

US Tour (Chicago)/America - February 17, 2016

Randy Harrison, Andrea Goss, Shannon Cochran, Mark Nelson, Alison Ewing, Ned Noyes, Lee Aaron Rosen. 

Beautiful HD capture of the new tour, with no obstructions. Randy does a terrific job in the role. Great cast and very strong performances! A+