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Book of Mormon

Book of Mormon, The
Broadway/America - March 1, 2011

Josh Gad, Andrew Rannells, Rory O' Malley, Nikki M. James, Michael Potts

Includes interviews, without smalls

Book of mormon, The
Broadway/America - March 7, 2011

Josh Gad, Andrew Rannells, Nikki M. James, Rory O'Malley, Michael Potts, Lewis Cleale. 

A nice capture of this hilarious original show. A very solid and funny cast. Nikki does a fantastic job acting and vocally. On wide shots there can be heads on the sides, but nothing that really obstructs the action. Without smalls

Book of Mormon
US Tour (LA)/America - September 6, 2012

Gavin Creel, Jared Gertner, Samantha Marie Ware, Kevin Mambo, Mike McGowan, Derrick Williams, Grey Henson, Josh Breckenridge, Phyre Hawkins 

Some washout, bit shaky

Book of Mormon 
Broadway/America - November 18, 2012

KJ Hippensteel (u/s Price), Cale Krise, Nikki M. James, Rory O'Malley, Michael Potts, Brian Tyree Henry, etc. 

B - aimed poorly throughout first act, improves in second act

Book of Mormon 
Chicago/America - December 23, 2012

Nic Rouleau, Ben Platt, Syesha Mercado, Pierce Cassedy, James Vincent Meredith, Christopher Shyer, David Aron Damane, etc. 

A - excellent capture

Book of Mormon - MP4 - Directorstape
West End/England - 2013

Ashley Day (u/s) , Jared Gertner

Full show a House cam video, so no zoom, but sound is very good

Book of Mormon - MP4 - Act 1 only
US Tour/America - January 13, 2013

Mark Evans, Christopher John O'Neill, Samantha Marie Ware, Kevin Mambo

Act 1 only; shot from second row from the stalls, with no zooms, frequent spotlight washout and head obstruction on each side

Book of Mormon - MP4
West End/England - May 29, 2013

Gavin Creel, Daniel Buckley (u/s Cunningham), Stephen Ashfield, Alexia Khadime

Amazing quality, crystal clear 16:9 HD capture. Love the West End cast

Book of Mormon
US Tour (Costa Mesa, CA)/America - May 17, 2014 - Evening

David Larsen, Cody Jamison Strand, Tallia Brinson (u/s Nabulungi), Pierce Cassedy, James Vincent Meredith, David Aron Damane, Christopher Shyer, Jeff Heimbrock (u/s Cunningham's Dad)

Wonderful capture of the second tour cast with no obstruction or blackouts and only slight washout in superwide shots of high-contrast scenes; clear picture and sound, filmed in 16:9 with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. Includes curtain call. 2 DVDs A

Book of Mormon
US Tour (Cincinnati, Ohio)/America - April 2, 2016 - Matinee

Ryan Bondy (Elder Price), Cody Jamison Strand (Elder Cunningham), Candace Quarrels (Nabulungi), Daxton Bloomquist (Elder McKinley/Moroni), Sterling Jarvis (Mafala Hatimbi), David Aron Damane (General), Edward Watts (Price’s Dad/Joseph Smith), CJ Pawlikowski (Cunningham’s Dad).

Fantastic performance all around. Cody and Candace were total stand outs and really fed off the crowds energy. There was one major technical difficulty in the beginning of the second act, they had to stop the show for about 10 minutes to reset a set piece that did not properly come in. Stopping the show and resuming is all caught on the DVD. Action is well followed. Includes curtain call and BCEFA speech given by Cody. Unfortunately, Audio wasnot properly recorded; muffled and hollow. No HD capture

Book of Mormon, The
Copenhagen/Denmark - May 5, 2018

Silas Holst (Ældste Price), Carsten Svendsen (Ældste Cunningham), Lea Thiim Harder (Nabulungi), Robert Bengtsson (Mafala Hatimbi), Al Agami (General Røv Fucking Nøgen), Simon Nøiers (Ældste McKinley), Emil Birk Hartmann (Ældste Grant), Henrik Lund (Ældste Young), Lasse Dyg (Ældste Harris), Patrick Terndrup (Ældste Cross), Christian Lund (Ældste White), Sebastian Harris (Ældste Smith), Kim Ace Nielsen (Ældste Brown), Kim Hammelsvang (Joseph Smith), Oliver Aagaard-Williams (Motumbo), Mike Gamble (Generalens vagt), Simon Svedlund (Generalens vagt), James Sampson (Gotswana), Maji Claire (Sadaka), Anna-Lisa Kumoji (Middala), Jaleesa Stæhr Johnson (Asmeret), Gina Marie Hudson (Kalimba), Carl Christian Rasmussen (Fortælleren/Stemmen fra oven), Jonas Suurballe Christensen (Swing) 

VOB and HD