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Billy Elliot

Billy Elliot - Opening Night
London/England - May 12, 2005

George Maguire (Billy Elliot), Ryan Longbottom (Michael), Haydn Gwynne (Mrs. Wilkinson), Tim Healey (Dad), Joe Caffrey (Tony) 

Opening night recorded with the house-cam, mostly full-stage shots two short scenes are missing; one after "Expressing yourself" and one after the miners are collecting money for Billy

Billy Elliot
Broadway/America - November 15, 2008

Trent Kowalik, Haydn Gwynne, Gregory Jbara, Carole Shelley, Santino Fontana, Frank Dolce, Stephen Hanna, Joel Hatch, Leah Hocking

Amateur recording from the whole whow

Billy Elliot
Broadway/America - December 21, 2009

Billy: Dayton Tavares, Michael: Keean Johnson, Debbie: Maria Connelly, Dad: Gregory Jbara, Mrs Wilkinson: Kate Hennig, Grandma: Carole Shelley

Good Quality, almost full show (missing short bits)

Billy Elliot - AVI and converted VOB
South Korea - 2010

Jeong Jin-jo (Billy), Lee Seong-hun (Micheal),  Jeong Young-ju (Mrs Wilkinson), Jo Won-hui (Billy's father), Lee Ju-sil (Grandma), Im Jae-hyun (Tony) 

Starts from Solidarity. Clear image and good sound, due to conversion, quality has worsend

Billy Elliot
Chicago/America - March 27, 2010

Emily Skinner, Tommy Batchelor, Armand Schultz, Cynthia Darlow, Patrick Mulvey, Keean Johnson, Blake Hammond and Susie McMonagle

Billy Elliot 
US Tour (Chicago)/America - October 26, 2010

Marcus Pei, Spencer Milford as (u/s) Michael, Susie McMonagle, Armand Schultz, Cynthia Darlow, Patrick Mulvey, Jim Ortleib, Will Mann, Anne Tolpegin, Nicholas Daum as (u/s) older Billy/Scottish dancer, Mark Page. 

Almost full show, starting at the boxing scene and missing a few bits here and there. Video Taper gets caught near end of show . Can be shakey here and there, but overall nice. 

BIlly Elliot
London/England - July 2013

Billy: Ali Rasul, Michael: Zach Atkinson, Debbie: Millie Thornton, Dad: Steve Paget, Mrs Wilkinson: Anna-Jane Casey, Grandma: Gillian Elisa

Good quality, 2 minutes missing, Mrs Wilkinson's goodbye. Spotlight wasout 

Billy Elliot - MP4 - Limited trade
West End/England - Winter 2013

Harrison Dowzell (Billy), Helen French (u/s Mrs. Wilkinson) Deka Walmsley (Dad), Matthew Dale (u/s Tony). 

Absolutely stunning orchestra capture in 16:9 HD. Full, clear, wide shots of the stage with no shakiness, blackouts, but with spotlight washout. Ends before 'Electricity'.

Billy Elliot - Derniere
Main (Ogunquit  Playhouse)/America  - July 26, 2014

Noah Parets, Armand Schultz, Joel Blum, Stephen Hanna

Final Performance , One of the first regional productions of this Tony winning musical.  The production benefits greatly from a director and choreographer who were connected to the tour, as well as Armand Schultz (from the Chicago production) as Dad, Joel Blum (from the national tour) as George, Stephen Hanna (from the Broadway production) as Older Billy and especially Noah Parets (from the national tour) as Billy. A-

Billy Elliot - Official Release
London/England - September 28, 2014

Elliot Hanna (Billy), Zatch Atkinson (Michael), Ruthie Henshall (Mrs Wilkinson), Deka Walmsley (Billy’s dad), Chris Grahamson (Tony), Ann Emery (Grandma), special guest Liam Mower (Older Billy)

Live from London's West End this special performance brings multi award-winning Billy Elliot the Musical to cinemas for the first time. 

Billy Elliot - Limited trade
Scheveningen/The Netherlands - January 3, 2015

Svenno van Kleij (Billy Elliot), Pia Douwes (Mrs. Wilkinson), Bas Heerkens (Jackie Elliot), Reinier Demeijer (Tony Elliot), Carry Tefsen (Oma), Bas Grevelink (George), Michiel Deddnes, Fleur Hogenboorn (Debbie), Dennis Willekens (Mr. Braithwaite), Loes Worm (Moeder)S

Captured with a Full HD camcorder in best possible quality. Steady  and clear filming, very little shakiness but no obstruction. Has some issues during dark scenes though. The first 5 minutes of act two (at the miner’s annual Christmas show) are either blacked out or full stage. A very charming production of this wonderful piece and the whole cast is outstanding!

Billy Elliot - Highlights - WMV
Scheveningen/The Netherlands - December 21, 2014 and February 7 and 28, 2015

Billy: Jillis Roshanali, Michael: Michiel Deddens / Roméo van Orsouw, Dad: Bas Heerkens, Mrs Wilkinson: Pia Douwes / Frédérique Sluyterman van Loo

Songs and dance numbers only, but very good quality including highlights from Jilis his last show

Billy Elliot - AVI
London/England - February 8, 2015

Matteo Zecca (Billy), Ruthie Henshall (Mrs Wilkinson), Chris Grahamson (Tony), Gillian Elisa (Grandma), David Muscat (Mr Braithwaite), Zach Atkinson (Michael), Demi Lee (Debbie).

Beware; crapy quality. The video contains the first half hour of act one (stops in the middle of Solidarity) and the entire of act two. During this show there was a technical issue with the bed/kitchen/house set and there are  changes  made in act two without this piece of scenery. The angle of the camera in act 2 is pointed too high. I have one 6 gb avi file and an unknown format from 100 mb for act 2

Billy Elliot - McCoy/Rigby Entertainment
Regional production/America - February 20, 2015

Billy: Mitchell Tobi, Mrs. Wilkinson: Vicki Lewis, Dad: David Atkinson, Grandma: Marsha Waterbury, Tony: Stephen Weston, Michael: Jake Kitchin, George: Jamie Torcellini, Dead Mum: Kim Huber, Mr. Braithwaite: Neil Dale, Debbie: Sammy Gayer, Tall Boy/Posh Boy: RJ Higton, Small Boy: Brendan Knox, Big Davey: John B Williford, Lesley: Natalie Sachse, Adult Billy: Brandon Forrest

A fantastic regional production by McCoy/Rigby Entertainment. The cast is phenomenal, and I believe this is the only full capture of Mitchell in the role. A near perfect capture with no obstruction and no washout. The first minute of act two is blacked out, and there are a couple quick dropouts between scenes, but the rest of the show is fully intact. It’s filmed in 16:9, with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. The sound is excellent. Includes curtain call and playbill scans.

Billy Elliot - Last for Jillis - MP4
Scheveningen/The Netherlands - February 28, 2015 - Evening

Jillis Roshanali (Billy), Frédérique Sluyterman van Loo (Mrs Wilkinson), Bas Heerkens (Jackie Elliot), Mischa Kiek (Tony Elliot), Carry Tefsen (Oma), Bas Grevelink (George) Roméo van Orsouw (Michael) Thalia Schumacher (Debbie Wilkinson), Dennis Willekens (Mr Braithwaite), Loes Worm (Moeder), Mexx Baudoin (Margaret Cromley), Esmée Boevink (Tina Harmer), Solange van Leeuwen (Allison Summers), Maud Oudeman (Susan Parks),  Geertje Hadderingh (Sharon Percy), Brechtje Hof (Tracy Atkinson), Yimai Tsang (Julie Hope), Mila Heida (Keeley Gibson), Viggo Neijs (Kleine jongen), Splinter van Loon (Grote jongen).

Good recording but very very pixelate
d. Full show. Last show Jillis

Billy Elliot - Highlights - MOV 
Scheveningen/The Netherlands - June 20, 2015

Billy: Tydo Korver, Michael: Noah de Vos, Debbie: Lavita Werner, Dad: Bas Heerkens, Mrs Wilkinson: Frédérique Sluyterman van Loo

From Angry Dance in act 1, the songs and dance numbers in act 2. Okay quality

Billy Elliot - NFT
Scheveningen/The Netherlands - June 27, 2015

Tydo Korver, Frederique Sluterman van Loo, Marc Dollevoet, Reinier Demeijer, Carry Tefsen, Bas Grevelink, Michiel Deddens, Alicia Prinsen, Joost De Jong, Loes Worm

No Zoom, Heads in the way

Billy Elliot - MP4
Scheveningen/The Netherlands - July 1, 2015

Carlos Puts (Billy Elliot), Frederique Sluyterman van der Loo (Mrs. Wilkinson), Marc Dollevoet (Jackie Elliot), Reinier Demeijer (Tony Elliot), Sylvia Alberts (Oma), Bas Grevelink (George), Romeo van Orsouw, Alicia Prinsen (Debbie), Dennis Willekens (Mr. Braithwaite), Loes Worm (Moeder). 

Bad quality (althoug the filmer thinks its okay quality). Sometimes focused, but a lot of times not focused. Shot in HD but heads and shoulders is what you see the most. Act 1 is complete, act 2 stops after Electricity. After end of dream Ballet; black

Billy Elliot - Minimal Highlights - MOV
Scheveningen/Netherlands - July 24, 2015 

Laurian Serno (Billy Elliot), Pia Douwes (Mrs. Wilkinson), Bas Heerkens (Vader), Reinier Demeijer (Tony Elliot), Carry Tefsen (Oma), Bas Grevelink (George), Jochem Trok (Michael), Holly van Zoggel (Debbie), Dennis Willekens (Mr. Braithwaite), Loes Worm (Moeder).

Only with Expressing Yourself and Angry Dance

Billy Elliot - Last Show - MOV - NFT
Scheveningen/The Netherlands - November 7, 2015

Sammy Kuit (Billy Elliot), Rogier Baris (Michael), Senna Vink (Debbie), Pia Douwes (Mrs. Wilkinson), Reinier Demeijer (Tony), Bas Heerkens (Vader), Reinier Demeijer (Tony), Carry Tefsen (Oma), Bas Grevelink (George), Dennis Willekens (Mr. Braithwaite), Loes Worm (Moeder), Nathalie Vrede (Margaret Gormley), Ezme Hetharia (Tina Harmer), Cheyenne Basseluer  (Allison Summers), Marindy Tebbens (Susan Parks), Sarah Butters Ruben (Sharon Percy), Aaliyah-Jada Tawjoeram (Tracy Atkinson), Bregje Lander (Julie Hope), Jewel Klinkert (Keeley Gibson), Michael Snoey Kiewit (Volwassen Billy), Steef van Wijk (Grote Jongen), Cas de Bruin (Kleine Jongen).

Last show in the Netherlands! Including special encore with all 12 Billy's. FULL SHOW! Starts at “Raise me Up”.